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Saturday Webinars | Annuals – Designing, Planting, and Maintaining Planters

One of the main things we love about gardening is how limitless our creativity can be. At the end of the day, this is our garden. We make it how we like it and that’s pretty neat. This week, we are focusing on annual planters. Gosh, over the years, we’ve seen some gorgeous planters not […]

Saturday Webinars: Perennials

Hey gardener! The greenhouse is starting to bloom! This weekend, we opened our treelot, perennials, and annuals departments. While we don’t recommend planting until after the last frost in Calgary (end of May), you can still come by for inspiration, advice, and even a plant that you keep watered indoors. Today, we’re talking perennials. They’re […]

Saturday Webinars: Annuals

Hello eager gardeners! There’s so much action in the greenhouse right now! We have annuals and perennials starting to fill our greenhouse. While it’s still early to plant outdoors, it’s never too early to learn about them so you can be prepared for that green light! So what is an annual plant? Is that the […]

New to Golden Acre: Live Predator Bugs

It doesn’t matter if you’re growing houseplants, cannabis, veggies, annuals, perennials or even trees. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you grew from seed, bought the plant, or inherited it. Bugs are inevitable. The most common garden and houseplant pests Have you seen any of these critters, or […]

Backyard Hens in Calgary

Backyard hens are coming to Calgary! The City of Calgary has developed an urban hen program that will launch this spring. 100 permits will be available for the first year and owners will need to ensure their hens have proper housing and care or have their license revoked. The city will also provide opportunities […]

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