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Category Archives: Annuals

Ep 58 | Starting from Seed: Flowers

Starting Flowers from Seed Rounding out our Seed Starting Mini Series is a look into growing flowers from seed! In many ways, this will be a total 180 degree shift from growing veggies and fruit. Flowers aren’t targeted as much by bugs and disease, they benefit from deadheading, and they’re grown more for aesthetic purposes […]

The Helpful Gardeners | Ep 50 – Tiny Titans: The Marvels of Microgreens and Sprouts

Welcome back to the Helpful Gardeners Podcast! This week, the gardeners explore sprouts and microgreens to figure out why they’re so good for us, how to grow them, and even what they taste like! Plus, find out what microgreen the gardeners identify with the most in the Hypothetical Question of the week. What are Microgreens […]

GA Webinars | Long Lasting Annuals & Long Haul Gardening

\Things are heating up in the garden, friends. Plants will require slightly different care in the hotter months, and so will you! You might be feeling less motivated to get out there and maintain your garden. As we wrap up our spring webinar series, read on for tips on reigniting the magic of gardening while […]

Saturday Webinars | May Long Weekend Gardening

Ready, Set, Grow! This is typically THE weekend when Calgary gardeners get the green light to put in some long awaited garden work. Of course, every spring is different so we have to take into account factors like weather, the conditions of our tools and soil, and our own health before we get started. Firstly, I’d like […]

Saturday Webinars | Annuals – Designing, Planting, and Maintaining Planters

One of the main things we love about gardening is how limitless our creativity can be. At the end of the day, this is our garden. We make it how we like it and that’s pretty neat. This week, we are focusing on annual planters. Gosh, over the years, we’ve seen some gorgeous planters not […]

Saturday Webinars: Annuals

Hello eager gardeners! There’s so much action in the greenhouse right now! We have annuals and perennials starting to fill our greenhouse. While it’s still early to plant outdoors, it’s never too early to learn about them so you can be prepared for that green light! So what is an annual plant? Is that the […]

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