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Category Archives: Perennials

Ep 65 | 8 Planting Errors… And How To Avoid Them

As we’re heading into the highly anticipated planting season, the Helpful Gardeners wanted to send out a little PSA on the common planting errors and how to avoid them. 1. When Planting Directly into a Pot, Make Sure It Has Drainage Holes If you’re creating annual planters this growing season, make sure your pots have […]

Ep 60 – You Bought a New Home… How do you Tackle the Garden?

Are you a moving into a new home and not sure how to approach the garden? One of the helpful gardeners just bought a home and is not sure how to approach their new garden! Learn how to tackle lawn, existing structures/plants, and where to begin.   START INSIDE As a gardener, you most likely […]

GA Webinars | Perennials – Selection, Planting, and Caring for them

Perennials are plants that live for two or more years and are cold-hardy. Today, horticulturist, Colin Hayles shared tips on selecting perennials for your space and caring for them throughout the seasons. A big thank you to everyone who attending our webinar today. We look forward to all the successes you’ll encounter this spring! Continue […]

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