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Growing Hemp in Your Alberta Garden


Have you wanted to try growing hemp in your garden? We’ve been please to see a growing interest in local gardeners wanting to experiment this year. Right here in Alberta, you can plant hemp from seed until July and harvest either the buds or seeds, depending on what your end goal is. At Golden Acre, we love introducing you to great local brands producing great local products. The hemp seeds we carry in store are proudly grown in Blackfalds, AB, and there’s lots of community support available either through Weedpool, or you can pop by Golden Acre and speak with our team.

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  • Plant seeds at a depth of 2 cm.
  • The optimum soil temperature for fast germination is 8-10°C, although hemp seed will germinate at 4-6°C.
  • If you want tall stalks with fewer buds, plant them densely.
  • If you wish for bushy plants, space them farther apart. This variety can reach 8 ft in height.
  • Harvest in early October if you want excellent ripe seeds. Or in August, if you wish, a higher CBD content in the flowering buds and no seeds.
  • Water them just like any other plant, but you can worry less because Hemp is frost and drought resistant.
  • Hemp seeds and plants are dioecious, meaning there are males and females. The beauty of growing like this means you witness the reproductive process.
    • The males will pollinate the females and then die.
    • The females will keep going strong and produce seeds for you.


Hemp has a strong odour because of the terpene in this cultivar called pinene, and it smells lovely! But remember, it looks and smells just like a weed! So keep this package handy if you’re growing more than 4 plants. Also, be careful if you have other cannabis plants around because these males will pollinate your female cannabis plant, and it will go to seed!


  • Juice the fresh buds
  • Press the seeds for oil and flour
  • Experiment with the fibre and inner woody core
  • Crossbreed with other cannabis
  • Cure and dry the flower to make CBD essential oil or
  • Experiment and enjoy your hemp plants.


Who is Weed Pool?

In 1996 Jason O’Connor conceived this name after working his way up in the original Alberta Wheat Pool. He started his entry-level job bagging seed, moving his way up the organization learning the ropes while attending college for accounting. Jason eventually moved out of field operations and into head office in the grain commodities department. He anticipated the legalization of Cannabis (hemp first) as a new commodity that Canadian farmers would need support with as they navigated the tricky world of growing, harvesting, and selling Cannabis. So in 2017, along with Nexus Cannabis Solutions as a co-founder, they started growing hemp on their farm, learning, networking and progressing.  Today we are a cannabis community portal! –

Weed Pool – Hemp Information


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