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Ep 58 | Starting from Seed: Flowers

Starting Flowers from Seed

Rounding out our Seed Starting Mini Series is a look into growing flowers from seed! In many ways, this will be a total 180 degree shift from growing veggies and fruit. Flowers aren’t targeted as much by bugs and disease, they benefit from deadheading, and they’re grown more for aesthetic purposes rather than consumption.

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Annual Flower Seeds


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Annual Flower Seeds


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Annual Flower Seeds


Companion Planting
Flowers make great companions to vegetables as they will attract pollinators! Some flowers, like marigolds, can also help to deter pests by emitting a scent.
General Requirements
**Always read your individual seed pack for directions. These directions are general for the grouping.
Sun symbol" Emoji - Download for free – Iconduck    This can be anywhere from full sun to part shade depending on variety.
Soil Generic Flat icon  Select a good draining soil. A premixed potting soil is great for pots.
Fertilizer Basic Miscellany Lineal Color icon Select a flower-focused fertilizer or all purpose. Stop fertilizing perennial and biennial flowers in September. Continue fertilizing annual flowers until the first frost or when plant dies off. Some cold hardy flowers, like Chrysanthemums can live until well into autumn. 
Water drop Detailed Rounded Lineal color icon    Consistent water is key as they are high production plants. Monitor your pots and garden beds as location will dictate how much water. Shaded spots may require water less frequently. Use the finger test or weight test if growing in pots.
Deadheading Finished Blooms
Fruits and veggies require no deadheading because you need those blooms for the harvest. Flowers are an important part of seed production and serve as a beacon for pollinators. Once a flower dies, that part of the plant will then begin seed production. If you’re growing that plant for seeds, then yay! However, most likely you’re growing that plant to enjoy it’s blooms. Deadheading is great for most flowers, some flowers, like sunflowers, you may not get more blooms. For plants with lots of blooms, like lobelia and petunia, you can prune 1/3 of the plant for easy deadheading or lightly tussle the plant to remove many at once.


Bugs, Diseases, Predators

Flowers can emit a scent that will discourage many pests and animals. Keep garden beds clean to reduce the risk of diseases like powdery mildew. Keep up with weeding and pruning to increase airflow so moisture isn’t sitting on the plant growing pathogens.


Marigolds on Main – New Brunswick

During his time on the east coast, Colin was part of the planting crews for Marigolds on Mainstreet! Since 1997, schools across Saint John, NB participate in growing Marigolds and then bring them to plant on Main Street! It’s a beautiful tradition that serves in community spirit, beautification, and even pest control downtown!

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Edible Flowers

Some flowers can be edible! Always use clean blooms free from control products. 



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