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Ep 59 | Backyard Birding & Appreciating Nature w/ Myrna Pearman

Special Guest: Myrna Pearman


Myrna is a biologist, author and nature photographer living on the south shore of Sylvan Lake, Alberta. She was born in Rymbey, Alberta and developed a love of nature at a young age. 

Myrna is the editor of the Red Deer River Naturalist, writes a magazine column for The Gardener and writes a monthly nature photo essay in the Red Deer Advocate (Red Deer Advocate). She is also the resident naturalist for Mother Nature’s Bird Seed.

Hummingbird Recipe

These fast and colourful birds can be challenging to attract to your garden so it’s extra special when they come for a visit. If you build it, they will come. Most gardeners believe that putting out nectar alone with attract hummingbirds, but there are additional resources you can reach for

Food – Flowers!

There are lots of hummingbird-friendly flowers that are colourful beacons for neighbourhood birds. Look for flowers with trumpet-like flowers. The firecracker annual plant is bright red and are great in hanging baskets. You can also grow fuschia, petunia, penstemon, bee balm, columbine, lupine, foxglove, and deliphinium….just to name a few 😉


Provide a water source! Myrna has put a hose on mist mode and pointed it into her tree for hummingbirds to pass through and enjoy! Of course, please keep in mind any water restrictions that may be active in your region. 

Nectar Tips

Start small. don’t allow it to go moldy or become concentrated in your feeder as the sun pulls away moisture. It’ll be too sweet for your hummingbirds! Consider a shadier location. 

  • DIY NECTAR: Mix 4 parts white sugar, 1 part water. 
    • Note: Don’t use honey or brown sugar 

If you’re nervous about wasps, look for feeder options that reduce spilling of nectar. You can also find wasp guards and feeders with ant moats!


Hummingbirds will seek out dead trees and branches to perch on! They will often sit on the top of those branches. 





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