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Author Archives: Brandi

Ep 59 | Backyard Birding & Appreciating Nature w/ Myrna Pearman

Special Guest: Myrna Pearman   Hummingbird Recipe These fast and colourful birds can be challenging to attract to your garden so it’s extra special when they come for a visit. If you build it, they will come. Most gardeners believe that putting out nectar alone with attract hummingbirds, but there are additional resources you can […]

Ep 58 | Starting from Seed: Flowers

Starting Flowers from Seed Rounding out our Seed Starting Mini Series is a look into growing flowers from seed! In many ways, this will be a total 180 degree shift from growing veggies and fruit. Flowers aren’t targeted as much by bugs and disease, they benefit from deadheading, and they’re grown more for aesthetic purposes […]

Ep 55 | Starting from Seed: Root Vegetables

Welcome back to the Helpful Gardeners Podcast! This week, we ‘rooting’ around the subject of root vegetables! How do we start them from seed, maintain them, and harvest them! Root Vegetables Root vegetables are pretty general in their needs. They all grow underground, can be cold hardy, and can sometimes be grown multiple times in […]

Ep53 | Planning Garden Beds

Welcome back to the Helpful Gardeners Podcast! What’s the one thing we’re seeing in every basket and cart at the greenhouse this week? SEEDS! We are buzzing with excitement! We thought it was an important time to talk about the things you should consider before committing to a seed haul. TIMECODES 00:00 Introduction 04:00 Look […]

The Helpful Gardeners | Ep51 | Garden Crime – What you Need to Know

Welcome back to the Helpful Gardeners Podcast. This week, the gardeners unearth some interesting, and perhaps shocking, garden laws that you should be aware of as we head into the 2024 growing season. TIMECODES 00:00 Garden Crime Radio Play 03:55 Trees & Shrubs & the Neighbours 14:45 Lemonade Stands?! 16:01 Cutting Grass Curfew 17:17 Clothesline […]

The Helpful Gardeners | Ep 50 – Tiny Titans: The Marvels of Microgreens and Sprouts

Welcome back to the Helpful Gardeners Podcast! This week, the gardeners explore sprouts and microgreens to figure out why they’re so good for us, how to grow them, and even what they taste like! Plus, find out what microgreen the gardeners identify with the most in the Hypothetical Question of the week. What are Microgreens […]

The Helpful Gardeners | Ep49 – The Truth Behind 10 Common Gardening Phrases

Welcome back to the garden! Have you ever wondered where the term “green thumb” came from? Why do we “Touch wood”? We’ll review 10 common phrases in the gardening world and see if they are truly rooted in gardening and if they’re still relevant now! Plus, we’ll “weed out negativity” with a dive into our […]

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