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GA Webinars | Long Lasting Annuals & Long Haul Gardening

\Things are heating up in the garden, friends. Plants will require slightly different care in the hotter months, and so will you! You might be feeling less motivated to get out there and maintain your garden. As we wrap up our spring webinar series, read on for tips on reigniting the magic of gardening while […]

GA Webinars | Garden Bed Maintenance

You’ve planned, planted, and now you get to enjoy! Learn simple ways to keep you garden looking beautiful all season long. Garden Maintenance Weeding Everyone’s favourite garden chore, right? Weeds are unwanted plants. In Alberta, these can be the dandelion, creeping bell, chickweed, etc. While they are beautiful and are often indigenous to our region, […]

GA Webinars | Trees & Shrubs – Selection, Planting and Maintenance

Trees and shrubs are so beneficial for your garden. They add a point of interest, seasonal colour/fruit, shelter for wildlife, as well as shade and privacy. Select the right tree, plant it correctly, and keep up with care so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Trees are perennials when grown in the right […]

GA Webinars | Perennials – Selection, Planting, and Caring for them

Perennials are plants that live for two or more years and are cold-hardy. Today, horticulturist, Colin Hayles shared tips on selecting perennials for your space and caring for them throughout the seasons. A big thank you to everyone who attending our webinar today. We look forward to all the successes you’ll encounter this spring! Continue […]

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