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Category Archives: Trees Shrubs Evergreens

Ep 65 | 8 Planting Errors… And How To Avoid Them

As we’re heading into the highly anticipated planting season, the Helpful Gardeners wanted to send out a little PSA on the common planting errors and how to avoid them. 1. When Planting Directly into a Pot, Make Sure It Has Drainage Holes If you’re creating annual planters this growing season, make sure your pots have […]

The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | Ep41: The legend of the Christmas Tree

Whether you love the scent and tradition of going out and finding a real tree or love the ease and familiarity of your artificial tree, how did Christmas trees become one of the more popular symbols of the festive season? We’re going to talk about their roots (haha), types, care, and also a look into […]

GA Webinars | Trees & Shrubs – Selection, Planting and Maintenance

Trees and shrubs are so beneficial for your garden. They add a point of interest, seasonal colour/fruit, shelter for wildlife, as well as shade and privacy. Select the right tree, plant it correctly, and keep up with care so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Trees are perennials when grown in the right […]

GAKidsTV – Let’s Talk About Trees!

GAKidsTV is back for another season! Colin and Brandi are back to nerd out over plants! We’re so excited to show you our new format, which we’re improving on every day. We’re able to bring you show you more, tell you more, interact with you more, and make more horrible jokes! We’re talking Autumn! Autumn […]

Trees 101: Choosing the Right Tree for your Yard

I’ve always dreamt of having a yard fully of trees and shrubs. They provide so much for the home like privacy, food, memories… One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to grab an afternoon nap with the windows open with the sound of leaves softly rustling in the breeze just outside. […]

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