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Category Archives: Podcast

The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | Ep41: The legend of the Christmas Tree

Whether you love the scent and tradition of going out and finding a real tree or love the ease and familiarity of your artificial tree, how did Christmas trees become one of the more popular symbols of the festive season? We’re going to talk about their roots (haha), types, care, and also a look into […]

The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | Ep40: DIY Winter Planters

‘Tis the season for Winter Decorating, and living planters work for pretty much every climate, especially the colder ones. Learn how to gather materials, plant one up, and how to care for it throughout the season. Plus, we’re dreaming up our dreamiest plant goals for a hypothetical Black Friday sale.   TYPES OF PLANTERS Indoor: Popular […]

The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | Ep39: Planting Amaryllis and bringing fictional plants to life

This week, we’re unearthing one of the most vibrant houseplants admired during the holiday season. The Amaryllis flower has a big personality and we’re going to talk about how to plant them, care for them, and store them after they’ve finished blooming. Also, stay tuned for our extra fun hypothetical question of the week! What […]

The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | Ep37: Daylight Savings & Winter Gardeners Bucket List

Many regions across Canada and even the world are wrapping up daylight savings and thinking ahead to winter… or dreading it. We’ve decided to embrace the beauty of the season and build a winter bucket list!   LISTEN NOW:   Daylight Savings Time While the majority of Canada still recognizes daylight savings, there are growing […]

The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | EP 36: Halloween Special!

The “Garden Gnomes” ventured out of the garden to celebrate the spooky season! For the first time ever, you’ll get to SEE the podcast! Let us know what you think and enjoy gnome facts, england traditions, seasonal snacks, a story from ChatGPT, and more!     What’s Your Gnome Name? Garden Gnome Facts Where do garden […]

The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | EP 36: Harvest Food, Foliage, and Memories

These are the final days of harvest before winter comes and we’re all in the same boat. What do we do with our bountiful harvest? We’ll also dive into harvesting more than just food and how you can bring the beauty of nature into your homes. Harvest Fruits & Veggies You’ve grown your crops and […]

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