Water Restrictions FAQ’s

Water restrictions FAQs 

Quick fire round – all answers obtained from City of Calgary

Can I still water my Garden? YES 

Can I still plant, grow and water tomatoes and veggies? YES

Can I rinse my driveway or paths? NO

Can I still water my planters and annual flowers? YES

Can I still water my trees and shrubs? YES

Can I spray down my patio? NO

Can I still water my lawn? YES

Can I still water my perennials? YES 

Can I wash my windows? NO 

Can I wash my car? NO 

What does this mean for my garden? 

Is a water restriction a ban on watering my garden? 

A water restriction is NOT a ban on watering your garden, it is simply a limiting of water waste to help preserve this natural resource. 

Does a water restriction hurt my garden? 

No, you may have to change the method in which you deliver your water ex – sprinkler to watering can, but you can still water as needed. 

So, what is a water restriction? 

First and foremost a water restriction is NOT a water ban. Until we are in stage 4 (Extremely dry – severe and crippling drought) we can water all our plants including veggies, flowers, trees, shrubs, perennials, and new lawn. A water restriction simply changes the way we have to water it does not limit how much water, for example in stage 2 you can still use a hose and nozzle, but in stage 3 you must use a watering can. 

Can I still water during a water restriction? 

Absolutely. The city of Calgary does not want anybody’s garden to die. We just need to shift our approach to how we water. 

Can I still plant and grow my annuals (flowers and veggies) during a water restriction? 

Definitely. I am not changing what I plant or grow for 2024. I will still use water soluble fertilizers and use my watering cans. 

What about my lawn? 

Lawns can very safely and easily go dormant when there is water shortage. The best chance you have is by keeping your lawn strong and healthy. To do this ensure it is fertilized, over-seeded and watered early in the season. 

What if I can’t get a rain barrel? 

A rain barrel is simply one part of water conservation. Using deep root feeders, soaker hoses, mulches, fabrics and having a healthy, well amended, weed free soil will also massively help. 

Why do we have water restrictions? 

Water restrictions are in place to limit water waste and overuse. They are there to ensure that water is being used for essential purposes such as hygiene, cooking, growing gardens, firefighting, and of course drinking.