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Gardening with Grass W/ Sheryl Normandeau and Janet Melrose of the The Prairie Gardener Go-to Series!

This week, we’re visited by two of the coolest ladies gardening in Southern Alberta; Sheryl Normandeau and Janet Melrose! They are the coauthors of the popular “Prairie Gardeners Go To” series! In a digital world full of general information, their books provide specific knowledge for gardening in climates like Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Plus, everything […]

The Helpful Gardeners Ep48 | Gardening During a Polar Vortex and Domesticated Bugs

The term ‘polar vortex’ may have been living rent free in your brain the last couple of weeks. As temperatures plunged across the country, we saw people doing boiling water to throw into the air, people eating frozen noodles, and toilet paper sculptures. In this episode, we explore how this extreme weather event impacts our […]

GA Webinars | Garden Bed Maintenance

You’ve planned, planted, and now you get to enjoy! Learn simple ways to keep you garden looking beautiful all season long. Garden Maintenance Weeding Everyone’s favourite garden chore, right? Weeds are unwanted plants. In Alberta, these can be the dandelion, creeping bell, chickweed, etc. While they are beautiful and are often indigenous to our region, […]

Saturday Webinars | Garden Bugs & Diseases

Hello gardener! No matter what kind of garden you choose to cultivate, there will always be the possibility of attracting bugs and disease. Sometimes you attract trouble from the weather, watering practices, a food source, or even from something airborne from a neighboring yard. We’re here to prepare you for whatever gets thrown at you. […]

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