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Saturday Webinars | Garden Bugs & Diseases

Hello gardener! No matter what kind of garden you choose to cultivate, there will always be the possibility of attracting bugs and disease. Sometimes you attract trouble from the weather, watering practices, a food source, or even from something airborne from a neighboring yard. We’re here to prepare you for whatever gets thrown at you. […]

Saturday Webinars: Perennials

Hey gardener! The greenhouse is starting to bloom! This weekend, we opened our treelot, perennials, and annuals departments. While we don’t recommend planting until after the last frost in Calgary (end of May), you can still come by for inspiration, advice, and even a plant that you keep watered indoors. Today, we’re talking perennials. They’re […]

Watering 101

Hello gardeners! With the majority of your hard work in the garden taken care of, it’s all about the maintenance now. Fertilizing, deadheading, weeding, and of course watering! Today we’re talking about effective and efficient watering! Thank you to everyone who joined our final webinar this morning! We loved chatting with you about plants! To […]

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