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Saturday Webinars | Watering & Maintenance

Hey gardener!

How’s the garden coming along? While there is more time to spend enjoying all the beauty we’re created, the work is never truly over. We’re always going to be watering and maintaining it throughout the season. Today, Colin explored the scientific relationship between plants and water including how and why we do it. Colin also touched on easy maintenance practices you can do during the summer months to keep everything looking fresh and vibrant.


Why Water?

Water is vital for a plants development. It aids in processes like photosynthesis, the absorption of nutrients, and the reinforcement of cell structures within.

  • Photosynthesis: How plants make food. Plants turn carbon dioxide, light, and water into sugar and oxygen. Water assists the phloem and xylem systems in moving sugars and nutrients through the plant. There is a more in-depth diagram on the PowerPoint below

How Much Water?

Here is a slide from Colin’s PowerPoint talking about overwatering and underwatering. This can be such a balancing act, but good to know as you observe your garden throughout the season.

What Water Should You Use?

There are a lot of opinions surrounding the use of rainwater vs tap water.

Rain water is free and contains no hard minerals. Even the rain during a thunderstorm can contain nitrates and a positive charge that will give plants a boost in health. However, rain can be unreliable, especially in the hot summers when we may need to water multiple times a day. So, collecting rain can be a positive addition to your garden to offset some of the costs associated with using city water. We are partnered with the City of Calgary and Green Calgary as a distributer of rain barrels. Learn more on our website where you can reserve your own barrel for pick up or delivery. 

Tap water is costly, but far more convenient and dependable than rainwater. It does tend to contain more minerals, but it won’t harm plants.

Which Parts of the Plant Need Water?

A plant absorbs water and nutrients through its roots, so it’s important to saturate the soil when watering, especially during the hot summer days. However, there are benefits to watering the leaves such as pest and fungal control as well as a way to wash off dust particles that may block photosynthesis efforts.

Which Watering Tool Should I Use?

There are so many ways to water, and each tool carries pros and cons.

  • Nozzle / Wand | This lightweight tool gives you lots of control with many available settings and efficiency of an ongoing stream of water that you bring around to all your plants around the yard. Click here for nozzle / wand options. 
  • Sprinkler | This tool can be wasteful as it can target areas like concrete that don’t require water. That being said, it’s lightweight and can cover a lot of ground. They’re also pretty fun for the birds and kids in our lives. Click here for sprinkler options. 
  • Soaker Hose | These cost effective hoses are great for targeting roots in a semi-permanent fashion. Once installed, they provide an easily controlled way to water for the rest of the season. However, they’re not great for lawns, hanging baskets, etc. Make sure to remove and store them inside for the winter. Click here for soaker hoses
  • Irrigation System | This is a more expensive method, but can be useful if you’re not around to water. They can be wasteful as timed irrigation system will run regardless of rain or not.
  • Watering Can | This is the best method for soluble fertilizing and an affordable option. However, can be time consuming especially with a larger garden. Click here for watering cans
  • Rain | This method is effective and free! However, rain is unreliable and may cause damage should bad weather roll in.


Continue to weed, fertilize, deadhead finished blooms, and prune. Keep an eye out for trouble like pests and diseases and treat accordingly before they become a major problem. As Colin says, gardening is marathon not a sprint. Enjoy the process and complete these little jobs frequently to ensure a healthy garden throughout the growing season.


The more detailed encore presentation hosted by Colin Hayles is now available to view on our YouTube channel.

If you’d like a copy of Colin’s PowerPoint, click here: Golden Acre Webinars – Watering & Maintenance 2022



This wraps up our Saturday webinars for 2022! We are always available to help you through your gardening adventures. Feel free to reach out to us online, over the phone, or in store. Thank you so much for your support this year, and happy growing!


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