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The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | Ep44 – Holiday Episode

December is full of celebration and reflection. Whatever you’re celebrating, we welcome you to our planty chat about all things fun this holiday season. Colin and Brandi dive into Global festivities, holiday treats, and a special story created by ChatGPT!

Global Christmas Traditions


Children beware! This holiday tradition features a horned half goat, half demon being who weeds out the misbehaved children from the good. This is somewhat equivalent to the North American Grinch. Learn more about Krampus here

Seidä Pass 2017 – Fotos Lea Neuhauser (15NEU), © Lea Neuhauser


Colonel Sanders is getting a festive makeover this time of year in Japan! This country gathers the family around a bucket of seasoned chicken. Apparently this has been going on since the 80’s! Learn more here  

A statue of Colonel Sanders in a Santa outfit on December 23, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.


When you have a relationship with the sea, you incorporate it into every season. While Greeks decorate trees, you’re likely to see a decorated boat right next to it! The tradition is called ‘Karavaki” and these boats become incredibly beautiful symbols of the season. Learn more here

Greek tradition of Karavaki

Nova Scotia

The Christmas Tree capital of Canada extends their love of trees to other objects including fishing traps. Check out more displays like this one, here

Barrington Lobster Pot Christmas Tree

Holiday Treats

Huge shout out to the Snack Hole for always bringing in the best snacks to fuel our show. We’re not sponsored, but we think you’re pretty rad 🙂

On today’s episode, we sampled the latest ‘Colin the Caterpillar” vegan candy cane gummies and “Percy the Pig” vegan holiday gummies by M&S.*chefs kiss*

Colin’s Gift

Here more about the “Magic Faraway Tree” from Colin’s childhood!

Christmas Story

We asked ChatGPT to write us a Christmas story in the Style of “T’was the night before Christmas” and here’s what it did:



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