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The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | Ep43 – 15 Gifts for the Gardener

If you’re looking to show the gardener in your life some appreciation this festive season, then dive into our 2023 gift guide complete with fun and functional ideas to suit them in the garden, indoors, and out in nature next year.


10 Gift Ideas for the Everyday Gardener

  1. Maya Plant Elixir Leaf Shine | LINK
    1. All-natural and non-toxic. This spray on product will help your plants regain their shine and improve photosynthesis and gas exchange by removing dust particles.
  2. Flower Press
    1. There are tons online in every size. Make sure it has the four screws to allow for gradual tightening on those bigger blooms.
  3. Books
    1. ABC Bees | LINK
    2. Prairie Gardener Series | LINK
    3. Lone Pine Publishing ‘Quick Reference’ Guides | LINK
  4. Planty Pun Shirt | LINK
    1. You can either seek out a local T-Shirt company or head online for inspiration!
  5. Grow Light 
    1. Desktop LED Grow Lamp | LINK
    2. Lordem Ring Light | LINK
    3. Sun Blaster 26W Bulb (Screw into a lamp) | LINK
    4. Vertical Light Stand | LINK
  6. Birth Flower Kit
    1. Look up their birth flower and compile a kit with seeds, pot, and potting soil.
  7. Seed Storage Box
    1. A simple search online will introduce you to a world on beautiful seed boxes. You can get the really elegant wooden ones or the functional tackle-like boxes.
  8. Potting Bench | LINK
  9. Annual membership to their favourite local garden or conservatory
    1. Butchart Garden | Vancouver Island, BC | LINK
    2. Montreal Botanical Garden | Montreal, QC | LINK
    3. Muttart Conservatory | Edmonton, AB | LINK
    4. Royal Botanical Gardens | Burlington, ON | LINK
    5. Toronto Botanical Garden | Toronto, ON | LINK
  10. Gift Card to their favourite garden centre

5 Totally ‘Extra’ Gifts for the Gardener

  1. Cedar Bark TapeLINK
  2. His & Hers Gardener DuckiesLINK
  3. Thirsty Bee Revival KitLINK
  4. Velociraptor Garden Sculpture SetLINK
  5. Haws Copper Watering CanLINK

Hypothetical Question of the Week….

What would be a totally extra gift to get you for Christmas?




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