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Saturday Webinars: Lawncare

Lawns can be soooo dreamy. They smell nice, look nice, and add to the biodiversity of your garden.

As kids, I’m sure we all remember enjoying grass in some way during the summer. We would spend countless summer days playing on it, napping on it, and living our best life on it. People loooove grass for its aesthetic and function features. A nice looking lawn can really bump up your property value. I don’t know about you, but I love coming home to a maintained lawn. It makes me feel good! Some folks will choose artificial options to achieve their #LawnGoals. There’s even a fanbase on YouTube for people who love watching other people cut grass! We hear you. LAWNS ARE AWESOME! We’re ready to equip you with the tools to get your lawn ready for its best summer ever!

Spring Lawn Jobs – You can start right now!

    • Raking:
      • When dry and thawed, remove debris, lift the grass, and observe things like dog spots, uneven spots, etc.
    • Weeding
      • Completed before Fertilizing.
        • Spraying
          • Follow instructions. Beware of pollinators and pets. Pets should be kept away until application is dry (4–24hr depending on conditions).
          • Round-up: Effective, but will kill your grass too. Apply on a hot day (no rain), and use a paintbrush to apply onto just weeds.
          • Killex: Safe for lawn use as a spray. Apply on a hot day (no rain). May require a few applications.
        • By Hand
          • Dig out the whole root to ensure it doesn’t come back.
    • Seeding
      • Sun exposure is important when selecting a grass seed type (fescue = shade/Kentucky Blue = sun)
      • Not sure what you need? See our extensive selection of grass seed online
      • Tools: For an even spread of grass seed, we recommend a Spreader Tool
    • Top Dressing
      • Load of benefits here:
        • even out your lawn and add organic matter
        • Promote drainage and moisture retention
        • Promote seed growth
      • We love this Promix Lawn Soil which is a blend of compost, peat moss, and humus (organic material, not the dip).
    • Fertilizing
      • Can be done right after seeding and top dressing.
      • Promotes healthy grass when used regularly and correctly (follow instructions)
      • Granular Options
        • We have a few Canadian brands that we love including Lawn 46, Manderley, and Dirt N Grow.
        • Pets: Dirt N Grow also produces this Organic Dog Spot Prevent product that will adjust the pH in your soil and control the nitrogen release from dog pee so that your grass doesn’t burn!
        • Tip: If you’re planting a seasonal specific fertilizer, stick to the current season. Don’t apply an autumn fertilizer in the spring.
      • Liquid Options
      • For our full line of grass fertilizers, see our online store
    • Mowing
      • General Tips:
        • Use sharp blades and cut no more that 1/3 of the height.
        • Consider leaving clippings on your lawn: Good for your lawn, saves you time, and it’s good for the environment as it saves space in your green cart and cuts down on waste processing.
    • Aerating
      • Done before seeding and top dressing and only when lawn is severely compacted (high traffic areas).
      • Afterward, rake up the plugs, top dress, over seed, fertilize, and then water.
      • You can aerate by machine or by hand. We carry this Step On Core Aerator 
    • Watering

The more detailed encore presentation hosted by Colin Hayles is now available to view on our YouTube channel.

If you’d like a copy of Colin’s PowerPoint, click here: Lawncare I Webinar 2022



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