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Calgary Home and Garden Show 2020

We’re baaaaaaaaack!

What a FUN weekend at the Calgary Home + Garden Show! Thank you so much for coming out whether it was to gather inspiration for future home improvements, get advice from experts on stage like Bryan Baeumler (loooved it!), and our very own Colin Hayles who spoke about starting seeds, or maybe you were coming out to connect with the over 300 local exhibitors! Of course, the best part for us Golden Acre folk was the opportunity to interact with YOU! We wanna know what you’re planting this year, what you’re struggling with, and want you to know that we’re here to give you all the support you need. You can reach out in store, over the phone, or on any of our social channels. We got you!

At the show, you may have noticed a plethora of plants scattered about…. they’re ours! We are so proud to partner with the Calgary Home + Garden Show every year. Did you see something you love? All the plants have made the careful journey back to our greenhouse and are now available for you to bring home! With so many plants in our houseplant department, it’s a really good time to visit!

Pictured from left to right:                                                                            Schefflera: Relatively easy houseplant. Loves bright indirect sunlight, and allow soil to dry in between watering. Toxic to dogs, cats, and humans.  Chrysanthemum: Gorgeous, plentiful blooms! Loves full sun, moist soil, and can withstand some of the slightly cooler Calgary temperatures if you choose to place outside. Toxic to cats.                                                              Tulip & Hyacinth: Both are some of the first blooms you’ll see in the spring. Both love bright indirect light, and a moist soil. Toxic to cats & dogs     Limelight Dracaena: Loves bright indirect sunlight, moist soil, but is toxic to cats & dogs                                                                                                       Sanseveria: Loves bright, indirect sunlight. Let soil dry out before watering. Toxic to cats & dogs                                                                                                                                                                   Lemon Lime Dracaena: Loves bright indirect sunlight, moist soil, but is toxic to cats & dogs Plant people are going to find plant people, I tell ya. We were booth buddies with Tracy’s team from growtronicsLED, our supplier of LED growlights and a familiar face at many of our seminars. We also found Blake, from vegepod, one of our most popular gardening solutions in 2019. I have one, and I can honestly say that both the product and people are amazing! It’s a covered, self watering, raised garden bed! YES! We’re restocking them soon, so maybe mom wants one from Mother’s Day? It was so cool to see a broad representation of local small businesses. Landscapers, home improvement specialists, travel representatives, artists, and food and beverage hero’s. Special shout out to Calgary Heritage Roasting Company who fueled our booth with multiple lattes over the course of the weekend. Awesome people with a great story behind their brand. We also visited Outside the Shape, a retail space for Canadian makers, creators, and artists down in Marda Loop. Also met the lovely Prairie Girl Flowers, a Calgary florist specializing in local, sustainable flowers. We also admired the many creative spaces at the show put together by local artists, especially loving the ones incorporating plants.

Successful show with lots of laughs! We cannot wait until the next one!

Throwing out a HUGE Congratulations to our ticket winners @amiegaetz @relaxed11 @smallsgrows @linusisback and Tammy Doucette. Thank you to everyone for entering our social media giveaway, and we hope you had as much of a good time as we did! We’ve got a whole bunch of giveaways rolling out this season, so make sure you’re following all three of our social media channels below. Good luck!

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