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Backyard Hens in Calgary

Backyard hens are coming to Calgary!

The City of Calgary has developed an urban hen program that will launch this spring. 100 permits will be available for the first year and owners will need to ensure their hens have proper housing and care or have their license revoked. The city will also provide opportunities for community feedback. For more information on the urban hen program and other pet ownership guidelines, including beekeeping, click here.

If you’ve ever been curious about what owning backyard chickens might entail, click here

I don’t know about you, but this news really “beaked” our interest (haha)! At Golden Acre, we take pride in our relationships with great local companies like Chin Ridge Seeds out of Taber, Alberta. You may have seen their bright yellow bags of “Mother Nature’s” birdseed on our shelves. We were so excited to discover their Nature’s Grubs Happy Chicken feed!

Nature’s Grubs® new Happy Chicken mix combines black oil sunflower, cracked wheat, cracked corn, and our Nature’s Grubs® to produce a delicious blend that will have chickens merrily clucking every time you feed them this tasty snack! This mix is high in protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals it provides healthy fat for energy and supports healthy egg production. Happy Chicken mix is also suitable for wild birds!

If you decide to look after backyard chickens, this feed will have them, and all your other backyard birds running. Shop now in store or online


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