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New to Golden Acre: Live Predator Bugs

It doesn’t matter if you’re growing houseplants, cannabis, veggies, annuals, perennials or even trees. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you grew from seed, bought the plant, or inherited it. Bugs are inevitable.

The most common garden and houseplant pests

Have you seen any of these critters, or signs of their activity, in your garden? It’s always a good idea to check in on your garden and houseplants throughout the season(s). Observe the conditions of your leaves, fruit, and the presence of good and bad bugs. Over the years, we’ve helped many growers combat pests. Historically, chemical sprays were the most common way to deal with pests. You need great care when working with chemical sprays as they may harm or deter beneficial bugs like pollinators. Furthermore, if used incorrectly, they also have the potential to impact the overall health of your plants including the veggies we hope to harvest.

What’s the Alternative to Chemical Sprays?

In the past few years, we’ve introduced natural solutions such as ladybugs for aphid outbreaks. It’s such an easy solution for outdoor gardens – just release and walk away. The feedback from customers has been so positive, so we’re expanding! Live predator bugs from Bioline AgroSciences are available to order at Golden Acre.

How Do Predator Bugs Work?

One of our team members was struggling with thrips in her houseplants. She began treatment with predator bugs and hasn’t had a problem since. Furthermore, her impacted plants are already exhibiting new leaf growth. Predator bugs target specific problem pests by attacking and/or feeding on them. Examples of predator bugs are ladybugs, lacewings, nematodes, and mites. As these are live insects, it’s important to read and ask questions so we can match you with the best solution. The results are worth it.

To make the process easier, we’ve included an entire live predator bug section on our website. There, you can narrow the product library down to your specific pest. Each product will have specialized instructions and information about storage and expectations. Once you have chosen a product, we can order them in.

How Do I Order Predator Bugs?

Due to their highly perishable nature, ordering predator bugs is time sensitive.

  • Weekly order deadline is Wednesday. Orders will arrive the following Tuesday and will undergo an inspection to ensure they are in perfect condition and are ready to be applied.
  • You must pick up your order and apply bugs within 24hrs of their arrival date. No exceptions. Unfortunately, we don’t have a delivery option at this time.
  • All orders are final sale. Due to their highly perishable nature, there will be no refunds, cancellations, or returns.

Product Use Disclaimer – Due to these being live insects, Golden Acre does not recommend the use of conventional bug control methods while using this treatment. Sticky sticks, pesticide sprays, insecticidal soap, etc may affect the health or cause the death of predator bugs. Only other compatible predator bugs should be used during the course of this treatment.

Available for order in-store only. Please see us in store.

Have questions? Email us at info@goldenacre.caSubject: Predator Bugs

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