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The Helpful Gardeners | Ep46 – 2024 Gardening Resolutions

What are you working toward in 2024? We’re dreaming up our dreamiest garden intentions and itching to share! For this weeks episode of the Helpful Gardeners Podcast, Colin and Brandi came prepped with 5 intentions for the upcoming growing season. See our list below and let us know what your intentions will be too!

Tone it Down

When the inspiration is flowing, it’s hard to limit what growing in the garden. Have you ever had so many tomatoes at the end of the season that you didn’t know what to do with them? Grow what you need or make plans for the excess.

Limit the ‘Perfection’

Make gardening fun for everyone. In the journey of learning new things in gardening, it’s natural to want to guide others so they don’t fail the same way you once did. Be careful about the unsolicited advice and judgement you offer others. Instead, choose to celebrate them, view beauty through their eyes, and practice patience.

Try a New Fertilizer

We become habitual in gardening and tend to stick with the tried and true. Why not go rogue and try a new fertilizer, brand or specialty, to see what happens. You might be surprised!

Add in a New Soil Amendment

Colin loves to make his own soil blend and mix in things like charcoal, worm castings, and volcanic ash to see how they improve drainage and nutrient uptake in his plants. There are so many amendments out there and we’re ready to learn about them!

Know when to Stop

In 2023, we spoke about ‘garden burnout’. Making a plan and sticking to it will help keep things manageable. It’s so tough, especially when you work at an awesome garden centre, to not grab more plants throughout the season. Keep in mind that the more you add, the more you need to water, fertilize and weed during the growing season.

Visit 5 Famous Gardens

Let’s take a trip outside the garden to get some inspiration from the pros! We’ll see how different plants play together and bring that inspo home!

Press and Learn about Southern Alberta grasses

Who knew grass was so diverse? Isn’t it just “grass”? In the prairies, grassland is an important part of the ecosystem and there’s different varieties. In a journey to learn about plants, why not learn more about the ones that make your home special?

Chemical-free Weeding

We’re so quick to turn toward commercial control products when faced with weeding. I mean, who loves weeding? Control products can impact our pollinator friends, so try to be more intentional with weeding this year. Do a little bit at a time, save the flowers on your dandelions, and see if it makes a difference.

Join a Gardening Club

During the podcast, Colin mentioned that Calgary alone has different microclimates which means some people might have better luck with certain plants than others! Why no reach out to your communities and see if there’s a gardening club where you can share ideas and learn more about what others are having luck with?

Mow a Lawn

Yep, it’s happening. In case you missed it, Brandi has never mowed a lawn. Colin might watch from the safety of a lawn chair while holding a grapefruit mojito. Tune in for that episode later this year.

Hypothetical Question of the Week…. named the rattlesnake Calathea as the 2023 Plant of the Year. What plant would represent 2024?



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