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The Helpful Gardeners Podcast | EP 36: Halloween Special!

The “Garden Gnomes” ventured out of the garden to celebrate the spooky season! For the first time ever, you’ll get to SEE the podcast! Let us know what you think and enjoy gnome facts, england traditions, seasonal snacks, a story from ChatGPT, and more!



What’s Your Gnome Name?

Garden Gnome Facts

Where do garden gnomes comes from? How long do they live for? What do they like to eat? How do gnomes kiss? Okay, you may never have wondered about the last one, but here’s some interesting factoids about gnomes!

History of Garden Gnomes | LINK

10 Garden Gnome Fun Facts | LINK

Toxic Garden & Stinky Plants

Did you know there’s a toxic garden in Northumberland, UK? It’s located near Alnwick (Ah-Nick) castle which is the same castle that hosted Harry Potter and Downton Abbey! We also touched on carnivorous plants like the Venus Fly Trap and the Pitcher Plants that feast on flies and perhaps even ground beef. Finally, we dived into the carrion flower that stinks up select conservatories around the globe. When it blooms, it attracts more than just pollinators like carrion beetles. People will flock to witness the sights and smells of this gigantic flower as it will only bloom for up to 48hrs. In Canada, you can see them in Ontario, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

Toxic Garden | LINK

Alnwick Castle | LINK

Carrion Flower (Rotting Flesh Flower/Corpse Flower) | LINK


Snack of the Week – Halloween Edition

This week, we had a gnome picnic with sour pumpkins and chocolate caramel popcorn from Bulk Barn! We also loooooved the Colin the Caterpillar sour worms! These are vegan and from the UK! Shout out to the Snack Hole YYC for bringing them into the city.

If you want to get your hands on these or other international goodies, check them out! #NotSponsored (we just love them)

The Snack Hole | Colin the Caterpillar Worms


We asked Chat GPT to make us a spooky garden story….


Hypothetical Question of the Week….

It’s the zombie apocalypse and you find yourself in a garden centre…what’s your garden tool weapon of choice?


We Wanna Know!

What did you think of the video portion of the podcast?



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