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Ready? Set? Grow!

UGH. WINTER. When can I put away the snow shovel, pop on my summer tires, and be outside for more than half an hour? Don’t get me wrong. Calgary winter has its perks like cozy days in, hot chocolate, and skiing. But seriously. We’re hitting that point where spring is soooo close, and it’s time to get our hands dirty.

I love gardening! It’s therapeutic and a reflection of things I love to look at, smell, and touch. I find there can be so much to learn though, and sometimes overwhelming… especially when it comes to figuring out the perfect combo of sun and water, or considering what’s going to survive our crazy chinook-y climate (I feel ya if you’re part of the migraine fam). I’ve been a part of Golden Acre Home and Garden for over a decade and I STILL feel like I need to ask the experts questions!

This spring, Golden Acre is rolling out weekly seminars to help you through the adventure that is gardening. They’re totally free, kid and dog friendly, and you’re going to learn something about eeeeeeverything.

You’re going to learn how to nurture a seed to where it’s ready to survive in the great outdoors. I don’t know about you, but if I can do that, I feel as if I’ve already succeeded. Then there’s seminars about growing just about anything! There are annuals (the kind that die in the winter), perennials (the kind that grow every year), trees, veggies (high five for growing your food), herbs, houseplants, and there’s even a seminar on how to grow that dreamy luscious lawn! You’ll get to see the products and techniques Calgary’s expert gardeners use to ensure success, and also get the opportunity to ask for advice.

Besides the info, I really enjoy getting inspiration out of them too. It’s kinda like Pinterest, but you get to talk to real people, and it’s all LOCAL. Everything you’re going to learn is applicable to our unique climate, and even delves into more specialized gardening. Have you noticed an increasing trend for small space gardening? I mean, it makes sense. We’re a growing city (pun intended), and if you’re living it up in a condo downtown, why not utilize that cool balcony space to create your own green oasis? If that’s something you’re into, there’s going to be a seminar for that. On the flip side, if you’re planning to create a larger scale outdoor living space we can you maneuver through the many patio furniture options out there, it’s important to consider what kind of materials are going to survive our weather, and how to protect it to ensure longevity.

There’s going to be so many things to learn and gain inspiration from this spring. I hope you’ll join me as we navigate through the great big beautiful world of gardening together.

Ready? Set? Grow!  
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