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Watering is a worrying subject. Are you watering your raised-bed, containers? Are you using a nozzle and a garden hose or a sprinkler or a watering can? Are you watering your tomatoes, cucumbers sunflowers or your jade plants, aloe vera or cactus?

Well worry no more, Golden Acre has the answers.

Very simply, all plants need moisture to survive. How much and when is key. You don’t want to overdo it on your houseplants or underdo it on your veggies. We are equipped from farm-grade water garden hoses to mist bottles; spot sprinklers, wands, nozzles, soaker hoses, and more. We have accessories to repair or augment your watering needs. Your plants need water, that isn’t optional; how you give it to them is. Why not ask the experts for the best options for you?



One of the FAQs we get is, “When is the best time to water?” After we answer “Between 4:30–5 AM”, the next FAQ we get is “When is the second-best time to water?”

Watering is best very early in the morning; however, a lot of people are not morning people. This is where the timer is king.

Golden Acre carries timers, hose repair kits, quick connects and much more. If you need some help with your watering, we have what you need.


Watering Cans

A watering can is one of those must-have items for any gardener. They are ideal for a more controlled scope of watering. Ideal for mixing water-soluble fertilizers too the watering can is instrumental in your watering regime. Perfectly suited to containers, planters hanging baskets, and of course indoor plants and indoor growing. Golden Acre carries a great line of watering cans year-round.



Whether you are using it to water your garden, your lawn or spray the kids a garden hose is an essential tool. Especially in drought-ridden areas such as YYC. Golden Acre carries farm-grade heavy-duty hoses down to lightweight expandable pocket hoses. All our hoses are compatible with our accessories, nozzles, guns and other hoses.

Pro-tip – Use a soaker hose and timer to water your plants and not the weeds. Get amazing results and a win-win; healthy plants and fewer weeds.


Nozzles, Guns and Wands

The hose end attachment is key to any watering job. You may need a mist spray, a shower, a jet, or a lesser flow. Maybe you need to water those hard-to-reach hanging baskets or window boxes.

Golden Acre carries all manner of guns, nozzles and wands to ensure you get the right stream for the job. Available with front, rear or thumb controls, multi-pattern, long wands, colourful choices and so much more.



If you don’t have one at some point in the summer, you’ll wish you had a sprinkler. Ideal for lawns they can also do a great job on pots, beds, veggie plots.

Golden Acre carries spot sprinklers, impulse sprinklers, high-rise sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers and more. Regardless of the size of your yard, these wonderful tools will be useful.

Pro-tip – On those blazing hot days cover the kids in SPF and turn on the sprinkler. Water the lawn and let the kids cool down—win-win.