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Any gardener knows the importance of their garden tools. Working with plants is so much easier with the right tool. Whether you are planting a tree, deadheading perennials, pruning roses, or raking leaves, the right tool can make
all the difference.

At Golden Acre we are more than just a retail garden store. We are gardeners ourselves. As a result, all of our tools have been vetted by the very people that use them. We make sure we have all the tools you could possibly need. We have wood and fibreglass handles, hand tools, we have saws, hand pruners and loppers. Shovels, spades and garden forks. And of course, we have a selection for your mini gardener. Gardening is work, but the right tools can make light work of it.


Spades and Shovels

The garden spade and shovel are the work horses of the gardening tools. From planting trees and perennials to scooping gravel and mulch they are the backbone of the garden. However, which one you want is a personal choice. Do you need a flat blade, rounded blade? Long-handled or D-Handled? Maybe you need more than one. Golden Acre carries shovels year-round for all your gardening needs.


Pruners, Shears and Saws

If it grows eventually, for some reason, it will need to be snipped. It may be for health reasons, to encourage new growth, or for aesthetic reasons, but annuals, perennials, veggies, trees, and shrubs will all eventually need to be pruned. So why not use the right tool?

Golden Acre carries a variety of pruners and saws to help the process. From swiveling grass shears to two-handed loppers and personal bypass pruners. It’s important to the health of the plant (and the health of your tool) to use the right size for the right cut.


Hand Tools

More often than not in the world of gardening, you will need/want hand tools. Ask anyone who has had to use a long-handled shovel to plant a 4” tomato.

Golden Acre carries a full range of hand tools and telescopic tools to help with those smaller more finessed jobs, including the Gardena Combi System. We have every tool for every job in the garden.

Pro tip – Hand tools are great in the Autumn when it’s time to dig things out of pots.


Rakes, Hoes and Cultivators

Raking leaves and weeding have to be two of the least favourite garden tasks. If you’re going to do them may as well do them right.

Golden Acre stocks a full array of bow rakes, fan rakes, cultivators and hoes throughout all the seasons. Regardless if you are leveling your veggie plot, top dressing your lawn, or cultivating your soil, if you work with the right tool it makes the task as easy as possible.


Kids Tools

Do you have a budding gardener desperate to help? Well at Golden Acre we want to encourage gardeners of all ages. Gardening should be a delight for young and old alike. There is simply nothing better than watching kids get dirty, playing with the hose, planting their own flowers and herbs. There is a great connection between kids and gardens and plants.

Pro-tip – I’ve never seen a kid refuse to eat a vegetable they help grow.


Specialized Tools

Of course, like anything, some tasks and jobs need a specific tool, and believe us when we say you may only use them once or twice a year but when you do use them you’ll be glad you had them. Think of telescopic fruit pickers for your apple harvest, lawn dandelion weeders, wheelbarrows even a pickaxe.

Golden Acre caters to the more esoteric needs;
we are all gardeners here too.