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Succulents and cacti are incredible plants. Showcasing the incredible diversity, strength and evolution of plants. In the past few years, these plants have seen a massive resurgence of popularity and when you see what is available it isn’t hard to see why. Relatively easy to care for and hardy these fan favourites are here to stay.

Fun fact – All cacti are succulents, not all
succulents are cacti.

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Succulents are incredibly diverse plants both in appearance and origin. Native around the world from Africa to the European Alps. From South America to China. They can be low-growing plants or trailing plants perfect for hanging baskets. The foliage is famed for its geometric patterns and colouration, from blues and purples to greens, reds and yellows. These plants require indirect light and low watering.

Golden Acre stocks the largest selection of succulents you will find in Alberta. With year-round supply, these are wonderful gift ideas.

Pro tip – It is perfectly acceptable to gift yourself a succulent.

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Cacti are unique in the sense they are one of the most instantly recognizable plants out there. There are so many houseplants (and Golden Acre carries most of them year-round) that people have difficulty recognizing, not so with cactus. While there is a great variety of cacti, the sharp needles mean these beauties cannot be mistaken. Relatively easy to care for and slow-growing, cacti are the ideal plant for busy people (they are also great gifts!).

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