Give your plants the extra love that they need


Choosing the right soil for your plant (both indoor and outdoor) is a crucial step in ensuring its healthy growth. Soil choice is generally determined by what purpose you intend to use it for. Whether you’re starting a vegetable or herb garden, potting a houseplant or covering your garden bed, we have exactly what you need.

Some of the brands of soils you can expect to find at our store include:


Soil additives and amendments are also important parts of a plant or lawn’s growth and maintenance periods. We carry a variety of composts, including local and organic options such as Calgary’s Hop Compost (in-store).

Some of our eco-friendly options for additives include SoilMatrix Biochar (in-store), a carbon negative soil amendment product (also made locally!) that enhances a plant’s health.

CanAmaze and Earthworm Castings are other great options in terms of soil additives that help your plants out without harming the environment.


Our large selection of fertilizers, including a variety of organic and eco-friendly options, will help keep your lawn and plants healthy year-round by giving them the added nutrients they need to grow.

Fertilizers can assist in improving your plant’s overall growth, root growth, vegetable and fruit development and everything in between.

We are always happy to provide recommendations and product explanations when you come into our store. So, if you’re not sure what your plant needs, stop in and ask some questions!

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