Sod and Bulk
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Golden Acre is so excited to offer a full range of high quality lawn and garden products online. We offer everything from sod rolls, to 1 cubic yard blue cubes to loose bulk, to firewood. We have you covered in all categories of bulk from soils, to mulches, to rock aggregate. These high quality products come from top suppliers and are delivered direct to your door on the day you select.

Manderley Less Water Natural Grass Sod

When starting a new lawn, you could spread grass seed, but nothing is as successful and satisfying as rolling out sod.

This sod is cold-hardy, ideal for Canadian climates, and is durable and tolerant of high traffic. The dark green thick blades of grass, become green faster and stay green longer. So it flourishes in partial shade to full sun areas, and a great lawn increases your home’s curb appeal.

With Manderley’s less water natural grass sod you’re getting a great lawn packed with environmental benefits too. This sod is qualified drought-tolerant and reduces typical watering by up to 50%, saving you time and money. It minimizes the environmental impact of your property by conserving water and can be used to help achieve LEED credits.

So when it comes to sod for Calgary, Manderley is the best and the Golden Acre team can help you with tips and tools for lawn care.



Everything from garden blends to compost to even clay we have the product you need for the garden project you are achieving. Planting a veggie bed? Look at our premium mix. Putting down sod?
Use a screened loam. Anything and everything earth-based can be found here.


A great friend to any gardener. Whether you are using it for aesthetic, moisture retention, weed control or pathway we are sure to have the right mulch for you. Versatile and a wide range of options makes mulch a must in any garden.

Rock Aggregate

With one of the largest selections of rock you will see in Southern Alberta we have the aggregate you need. From decorative to utilitarian (and some are both) this rock and stone collection is bound to catch the eye and make you the envy of the neighbourhood.


Is there anything better than sitting around the fire? Whenever you choose to have your fires Golden Acre has what you need. Bulk firewood available for delivery or in-store pick up. Aged, pine firewood burns clean and is perfect for indoors, outdoors, the backyard, the cabin or the campsite.

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All our bulk products are delivered by our expert suppliers*. With decades of experience in the business they will be able to meet your wants and needs and delivery the product safely and punctually. Each product comes with a chance to give clear instructions where it is needed and with our handy calendar we take the guesswork out of the delivery equation. Want to get started first thing on Saturday morning? Arrange a Friday delivery.
With trucks running Monday–Saturday we can fit you in when you want.

*As all products are delivered by a third party. The delivery fee is the fee we are charged by our suppliers. These products cannot be picked up in store, except where noted.


Blue Cube

Blue Cube™ is an innovative, compact, mess-free means of delivering top-quality lawn and garden products to homeowners and landscapers.

Blue Cube™ reduces heavy lifting, simplifies clean-up, and is easy to store and use throughout the growing season. We deliver it to you, when you want it, where you want it and most importantly with NO Mess!


Loose Bulk

A great and affordable option to amending your flower beds, getting the mulch needed for your veggie plot and/or getting the perfect decorative rock for your garden. This product is delivered loose so it is easy to shovel and move around, whilst it may not offer all the convenience of the Blue Cube™ the savings are huge if you need more than one.