“Plants always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the body & soul.” – Luther Burbank
The best thing about a garden is that there is no “one size fits all”. Your garden should be what you want with no wrong answers. Love a massive expanse of bright, green, lawn? Thick trees for privacy and food? A full and fragrant perennial cottage garden? Abundant colour throughout the whole season from a myriad of annuals? A mix of all of the above?

They are all correct. Golden Acre has everything you need to do whatever you need to make your garden your own little utopian oasis.

If you are looking for fragrant blooms, apples, cherries, pears, privacy and more, you cannot go wrong with trees and shrubs. These sturdy, hardy and reliable plants perform every year and with selections from ground covering junipers to delicious fruits to fast-growing privacy screens you are sure to find the right selection for your yard. We offer planting services, expert advice, and all the accoutrements you might need to plant your tree. Including soils, composts, fertilizers, shovels, pruners and everything you need for watering.
Regardless of what you choose trees and shrubs are a long-term investment bringing joy, providing shade and shelter, attracting songbirds, growing food and adding beauty.

Simply put perennials are plants that come back year after year. There is such a vast array of these incredible plants there is guaranteed a suitable one for your garden. Grown for blooms, foliage, accents, ground covers. There are blooms for every season, spring, summer and fall. Some varieties are deer and rabbit resistant. Varieties that encourage birds, bees and butterflies. Golden Acre carries hundreds of varieties and with planting services available and expert advice freely given you will find it a joy to shop for the one you are looking for.

Although these plants only last one season what an impact they bring. The world-famous tomato plant to a full fragrant, herb garden. From the monstrous sunflower to the delicate bacopa there is everything in between. There are Varieties suitable for sun or shade, drought tolerant or water loving and in every colour imaginable. Annuals are loved by the bees and butterflies; with a bit of care and attention, you will reap bountiful harvests and a multitude of flowers. Golden Acre offers pre-planted hanging baskets and planters and everything you need to create your own. This is by far the department that brings the most joy to our store, our staff and certainly our customers.

Soft grass under the feet on a summer evening. Sinking that perfect putt. A swath of clover attracting pollinators. No matter what style you enjoy it there is nothing like a beautiful, thick and healthy lawn. Golden Acre carries everything you need to be successful with your lawn. Growing in sun or shade? We can cover that. Have a tricky spot around a tree? No problem. Want to encourage clover? It’s your lucky day. Need to fix winter kill or a dog spot? We can do that and help prevent future issues. With an incredible selection of sod, seed, tools, fertilizers, applicators and soils Golden Acre has you, and your yard, covered.