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These stalwart plants of the gardening world are, unfortunately, quite misunderstood. A perennial comes back year after year and with the right care gets healthier, stronger and bigger. They have a long lifespan, peonies for example can live 20 years.

They come in all shapes and sizes from climbing vines, to tall and rigid Monkshood, to ground cover sedum. There are definite favourites, peony, columbine and lupin to name a few, and others more famous for their leaf than their flower (hello hosta!). Some varieties that bloom in early spring and others throughout the summer right up until fall.

Golden Acre has the largest variety and biggest quantity of perennials in Calgary and has them all season long.

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The Astilbe is a stunning plant, that blooms spectacularly in a myriad of colours. Also referred to as False Goats Beard it comes in various sizes too. Suitable for both sun and shade this plant can find a home easily in any garden. Their hardiness is also a great feature and once dead-headed their blooms make an excellent dried flower.

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These stunning and popular vines have been popular in gardens since the Jackmanii was introduced in 1862. They offer prolific blooms, an ability to climb fences, trellis, arbors and are relatively easy to care for. Though clematis is a sun-loving plant they can tolerate slight shade, but in order to maximize blooms they need at least 6 hours of sun a day. These beauties make excellent companions with climbing roses.

Fun fact – The clematis is related to the buttercup.

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These inexhaustible, blooming beauties are so named as each bloom typically only lasts a day. However, once they mature the amount of blooms is stunning. Hardy and available in a wide range of sizes and colours the daylily can find a home in nearly every garden. Thriving in full sun these perennials will not disappoint, and Golden Acre makes sure to carry a massive variety of these plants all season long.

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These perennial standouts are instantly recognizable. The flower pops up everywhere from teas to cold remedies, and it certainly pops out in the garden. Strong, disease-resistant, hardy with incredible purple and yellow, long-lasting blooms what isn’t to love? They work equally as well as a feature plant as they do in a full perennial border. Golden Acre has a fantastic variety of these garden delights in all season.

Pro-tip – Echinacea is adored by pollinators.

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I don’t think you are allowed to have a garden center on the prairies and not carry grasses.

Grasses are a magnificent addition to any garden. Dependable and hardy they make incredible accent pieces. The fall colouration is outstanding in some varieties. Golden Acre has a wide range of grasses to be used throughout your garden all season long.

Pro-tip – A perennial bed just created with grasses is stunning and can be used in lieu of a hedge.



One of the most cultivated and beloved plants by any gardener is the Hosta. These magnificent perennials are outstanding throughout the season. One of the few perennials famed more for their foliage than their bloom they still produce a stunning flower. With the ability to grow and thrive in deep shade, they are a great addition to those tricky areas around the garden.

Available in all sizes and colours right here at Golden Acre if you don’t have one yet this is the year you should start.

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A plant as famous in horticulture as it is in literature and culture. Once you see the lily blooms, you’ll understand why. With massive blooms, myriads of colours and a strong stem, this plant is an instant talking point in any garden. Often fragrant and always loved by pollinators this poor plant found an enemy with the lily beetle, but the lily is starting to get under control and that frustrating pest should not be a reason to deny yourself this classic beauty.

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Perennials truly are the backbone of the ornamental garden. Providing beauty for years. While primarily recognized for their flowers—think echinacea, lily and iris—they also offer magnificent foliage. From the broad leaves of the hosta, bergenia, and brunnera to the blades of the daylily, iris and fescue grasses, the array of perennial foliage is incredible. Ferns, sedum and ajuga all offer diversity. From shape, texture, colour, and size, perennial foliage is something to not be overlooked.

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For some reason, these beauties tend to be somewhat overlooked by the lay gardener. Like the hosta, the heuchera is prized for its foliage colour and leaf shape. From deep, rich burgundies to lemon lime variegation the heuchera (or coral bell) has incredible colours. The blooms, whilst not extravagant, or splendid. They are a delicate and colourful bloom but not as flashy as other perennials. Good for sun or shade this is a plant that Golden Acre loves and encourages everyone to try.

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Anecdotally speaking this is probably the most loved and best-known perennial. The peony is truly a marvel. The incredible pink blooms and full, leafy, deep green stems are truly a powerhouse display. Hardy and dependable with a little bit of extra love they will bloom magnificently for weeks. With a wonderfully long lifespan and loved by pollinators any garden will benefit from a peony.

Golden Acre carries a wide variety of these perennials and looks for new types every year.

Fun fact – There is a myth that peonies need ants to open their blooms, this isn’t true. But ants are attracted to the peony sugars.

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The Sedum found itself in a huge revival recently. When succulents started their incredible comeback in the world of houseplants the magnificent Sedum got the windfall. These beautiful and diverse succulent perennials are incredible in rock gardens, xeriscapes, and anywhere else you wish. They can provide colour throughout the entire season and some varieties are an essential source of late-season pollen for the native pollinators.

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No matter how friendly your garden is, no matter how well you tend it there will always be that one spot that is always throwing shade. However, no fear, Golden Acre carries an incredible range of perennials that are quite happy sitting in the shade. The prehistoric fern, gentle, fragrant woodruff, and many more are sure to delight in these areas.

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Spring Flowering

Spring is incredible in a garden. Everything starts waking up, life returns. But let’s be honest, some of those 7-month winters we Canadians experience (not you Vancouver) can get a little drab. Seeing plants crack through the earth is wonderful, seeing blooms is exquisite. An essential food source to pollinators these flowering plants help encourage garden helpers to return. Yeah spring is wonderful as is, but it’s even better when we add flowers.

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Summer Flowering

Those lazy, hazy days of summer; warm, long days with nothing to do and all day to do it. You’d be hard-pressed to find time best spent sitting in a garden. Surrounded by a magnificent array of summer perennials. As one’s blooms are finishing another perennial sees its flowers starting to emerge. The shade lovers, ground covers, echinacea’s, Black-eyed Susan’s all offering their beauty. Golden Acre has a massive selection of these beloved plants.

Pro-tip – Want to attract pollinators and have something special for a salad? Look at Monarda (Bee Balm).

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Looking for something to cover up that boring patch of fence? Need something to cover the gentle arch of an arbor? Maybe you just need a valid excuse to buy the gorgeous trellis? Whatever your reason vines are a perfect addition to a garden. Adding the extra dimension of height and width, these sprawling beauties take a garden up a notch. An ivy-covered wall or the exquisite fragrance of honeysuckle will delight.

Golden Acre carries a great variety of these aesthetic delights.

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