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When it comes to mulches and rocks the most frequently asked question is “Do is it have a purpose or is it just decorative?” Like most garden questions, the answer is never a simple yes or no.

The short answer is both. It is definitely decorative for sure. We have rainbow rock, limestone, rundle, pea gravel,
pure white polished rock, tortoiseshell polished rock and
so many more. We have coloured mulches and Rocky Mountain bark chips. These all look amazing, but they
also serve a purpose; they help with weed control,
moisture retention, keeping UV off the soil, and
regulating the soil temperature.

It’s a wonderful feeling when something in a garden can offer so much in aesthetic and functionality.

Pro-tip – To increase the longevity of the product and keep it clean use fabric between the soil, rocks and mulch.

Landscaping fabric is available here


There are two distinctive types of mulch. Shredded mulch and bark chips. It boils down to which one you prefer. Although the chips are more recognized for their aesthetic qualities, they do an admirable job of keeping down weeds, regulating temperature and moisture retention. The shredded mulch is a superior when it comes to functionality; as it “locks” together better and forms a more uniformed mat thereby acting as a better barrier. Golden Acre proudly carries Calgary and Canadian brands for all your mulching needs.



While mulches are better at environmental control, nothing beats the aesthetic of decorative rocks in a garden. Alberta is home to some amazing rock formations and quarries and as a result, we get some incredible stones. Rainbow river rock, limestone, rundle and lava rock are some of the most popular local selections. The polished rock imports that Golden Acre carries every season, are by far the most popular rock on the market.

Whatever your aesthetic preference, Golden Acre has you covered. Stop by and choose the aesthetic that is right for you and helps make your gardening easier.