Live predator bugs

Every gardener knows that despite your best efforts and intentions you will get bugs.

It doesn’t matter if you are growing houseplants, cannabis, veggies, annuals, perennials or even trees. It doesn’t matter if you are growing indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you grew from seed, bought the plant, or inherited it. Bugs are inevitable.

For the longest time the best approach to treating these pests was with chemical sprays. Often harsh chemicals, that kill every bug, beneficial or not. These chemicals could only be used at certain times. Some couldn’t be used indoors, and most couldn’t be used on cannabis. These chemicals are efficient, and they do work but they are a very broad sword for often a specific problem. Not to mention the environmental impact of some of these chemicals.

Golden Acre is pleased to bring something new to the market. Predator bugs. Most people are familiar with the ladybug. A voracious predator of aphids. These are natural pest control in their element. The issue is they only eat aphids. Well, we aim to fix that problem.

Aphid, Spider Mite, Thrip, Mealybug, Fungus Gnat, Leaf Miner are the big 6 garden pests. We are happy to announce we now have a non-chemical, all-natural solution to each of these. An array of predator bugs is now at your disposal. These predators will not harm you, your kids, pets, or plants. They have but one purpose. To feed on or attack (or both) the bugs causing your plants harm.

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Fungus gnats

(4th Image courtesy of L. Pundt, UConn)

Leaf Miner
Mealy Bugs
Spider mites