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Soft grass under the feet on a summer evening. Sinking that perfect putt. A swath of clover attracting pollinators. No matter what style you enjoy it there is nothing like a beautiful, thick and healthy lawn.

Golden Acre carries everything you need to be successful with your lawn. Growing in sun or shade? We can cover that. Have a tricky spot around a tree? No problem. Want to encourage clover? It’s your lucky day. Need to fix winter kill or a dog spot? We can do that and help prevent future issues. With an incredible selection of sod, seed, tools, fertilizers, applicators and soils Golden Acre has you, and your yard, covered.

Fun fact – Grass is the most common plant in Canada.


Lawn – Grass Seed

Regardless if you are growing a lawn in full sun or a shade-tolerant fescue lawn at some point you will need seeds. Be it from the four-legged furry family member, an exceptionally hard winter, or just natural wear, tear and aging your lawn is going to suffer some die back. Golden Acre carries a full line of lawn seed and grass seed to help you replenish your lawn. Stocking brands like Scotts and McKenzie we ensure you get quality seeds for your best chance at germination.



Sometimes we need something quicker and more instant than seed. This is where sod comes in handy. Golden Acre carries convenient 10 square foot rolls of sod (2-foot x 5-foot) for a low cost. Proud to stock Manderley sod Golden Acre also carries their line of lawn fertilizer for all your grass needs. Offering sod delivery dropships online we’re proud to be able to help you keep your grass green.

Pro-tip – Fresh sod needs water, then more water. When you think you’ve watered enough, water one more time.



All your garden plants need suitable and high-quality soil and your lawn is no different. Of all the plants in your garden, none get the soil neglected quite like the lawn grass. Fortunately, Golden Acre carries the exact first-class soil your lawn needs that are perfect for germinating your grass seed, adding nutrition and helping the existing roots. Plus top dressing your lawn is never a bad idea.

Pro-tip – One bag of soil never goes as far as you might think.


Rakes and Tools

Unfortunately, regardless of the plant, if it is in your garden sooner or later it’s going to require work. Raking leaves, leveling soil after a top-dress, dethatching, and more, yep, your lawn is going to need some work. The good news is Golden Acre offers a full range of rakes (including mini versions for you gardeners in training) to make the chores easier. Your back, hands and grass will thank you.



Every plant can benefit from regular feeding and fertilizer and your grass is no different. Lawn fertilizers are often misunderstood. They are either completely neglected or massively overused. The key is in regular, correct applications. We are all looking for something different and at different times of the year your lawn will require different nutrition, so the grass thrives.

Golden Acre has a full line of fertilizers for Spring, Summer, Fall. A starter fertilizer, a liquid fertilizer, organic options. We stock brands like Scotts, CIL, Pro-Mix and even two (2) independent Alberta brands—Lawn 46 and Manderley. With all of these options, there is no reason why your lawn shouldn’t be greener than your neighbours envy.



Sometimes our lawns can get away from us. Maybe you inherited the issues when you moved. Maybe life got in the way for a year or two. Regardless, once weeds get in and become an infestation, they can be a nightmare to combat. Sometimes we need some scientific help. Golden Acre stocks a full range of herbicides, with some eco-friendly options, to help you get your lawn under control. Be sure to select the right one. If treating your lawn DO NOT USE ROUND-UP.

Pro-tip- What are often considered weeds are beneficial. Dandelions in the lawn are a beneficial plant for pollinators. Clover is an excellent source of nitrogen.



Please, please, do not fertilize by hand. Throughout my career as a horticulturist, I must have said that a thousand times. Although your lawn is hardy and strong and incorrect fertilizer application can cause issues. Including uneven growth, burn and root development issues. In order to help combat this Golden Acre has a full line of applicators and spreaders. Designed to take guesswork out of the equation and give you a beautiful, healthy lawn.



Like any other plant, your lawn is going to need water. And as most lawns are grown in sunny spots it’s going to need regular water. Golden acre has a massive variety of sprinklers, nozzles and hoses all season long so your lawn can remain lush and green. It is important to note that new sod requires a lot of water the
first two (2) weeks to allow the roots to establish.

Pro-tip – Watering is best done early, not in full sun. 4:30–5:00 am is the best time to water. #goodmorning.