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I genuinely don’t think there is a subject more overwhelming or misunderstood than fertilizers. What are the three numbers? Is Nitrogen more important than Phosphorous? Do I need to get a vegetable fertilizer? Is Bone Meal a fertilizer? Do I fertilize new sod? What about my houseplants like orchids? All valid questions and we hear them rather often.

Essentially every fertilizer will have three (3) numbers on the package. The numbers are, in order, nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium (K). These are the macro-nutrients used by plants. The fertilizer you need will be represented by these numbers.

Nitrogen is primarily above ground leafy growth. Phosphorous is development of roots, flowers and fruits. Potassium is keeping the plant healthy and all functions operating normally. Lawn will have a much higher nitrogen count. Veggies will have a higher phosphorous, or maybe potassium count. A good rule of thumb is all plants benefit from fertilizer, and more is not better.



Lawns may be the most abused plant when it comes to fertilizers. Some get non at all; others get over-fertilized. Some get a spring fertilizer in autumn and others get a plant fertilizer in summer. If you want a strong, disease and pest hardy lawn you will need to fertilize.

Golden Acre carries fertilizers designed and manufactured right here in Alberta. We have a full line for spring, summer, fall. We have a general-purpose year-round one, we have organic options and even a liquid one you attach to your hose. We have the fertilizer you, and your lawn, have so desperately wanted.



Going to start here with a pro-tip. Please never fertilize by hand.
Fertilizer is measured in such a way that the proper application is crucial to plant health. Too much and you can experience fertilizer burn, worst case it will kill plants and lawn. Not enough and you can get nutritional deficiencies. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Golden Acre has everything you need for safe and correct fertilizer application.


Plant Fertilizer – Trees and Shrubs

In a vast number of cases a tree is an investment. A lifelong investment in some cases. Using the correct fertilizer at the right time can ensure your success. Trees and shrubs are incredible living beings that need a bit of support. If they get that support, they can provide years of shade, memories, fruits, beauty (some can do all of the above). Golden Acre has everything you need to fertilize your trees properly. From starter fertilizers to time release and water-soluble. We also have organic options in all choices.

Pro-tip we recommend you check out Myke.


Plant Fertilizer – Herbs and Veggies

Other than trees herbs and vegetables are by far the plants people get most enthusiastic about. After all, we are growing them to eat and to feed our families. There is nothing worse than waking up and seeing all yellow leaves or entire tomato crops ruined from blossom end rot. Fortunately, these are easy to prevent with the correct fertilizer and nutrition program. Golden Acre carries a full line of fertilizers to ensure your crop gets big and healthy.

Pro-tip – It is easier to prevent a problem rather than fix it. Using fertilizer from the start is recommended.


Plant Fertilizer – Annuals

After our long, cold and barren Canadian winters we need colour. Enter annuals. Not only does Golden Acre carry the largest selection of annuals, we also have the fertilizers you need to keep them blooming all season long. From frost-resistant pansies to the massive sunflower, all of your bedding out plants could benefit from a fertilizer. Let’s make the most of your summer garden.


Plant Fertilizer – Perennials

These staples of the garden keep working year after year; getting bigger, stronger and increasing their amount of blooms.

But they can’t do it alone; it requires a lot of energy to consistently perform and your perennial needs help.

Luckily Golden Acre carries every type of perennial food you need. Help these beauties to stay strong and to grow year after year.


Plant Fertilizer – Houseplants

Houseplants: some people love them to death, others are intimidated by them, yet they bring us greenery, clean air and joy year-round; but they need help. Your houseplants can benefit from fertilizing, but each plant has a different requirement.

That’s where Golden Acre comes in. With a complete lineup of houseplant fertilizers, including an all-purpose, you’ll find what you need to give your indoor tropical buddies a treat.

Pro-tip – Watch our GAKIDSTV for more houseplant tips.


Plant Fertilizer – General Purpose

What if, like a lot of gardeners, you have a little bit of everything? Evergreens, fruit trees, tomatoes, herb garden, hanging baskets, annual planters, beautiful perennial border and even some lawn. Then you might want to look at a General-Purpose fertilizer. These fertilizers are designed to give everything a little pick me up. Think of them as the multi vitamin. Not specifically targeting anything but giving a little bit to everything.