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There is a direct correlation between gardening and style. People who love to have flowers and gardens, tend to love their style too. One of our most popular departments is home and garden décor. This department changes seasonally and offers everything from artwork to gourmet foods and custom chosen items to add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor tables. This department is by far, our most popular selection for gifts; we think it’s important to remind you that it is perfectly acceptable to buy yourself gifts from season to season.


Artificial Plants

While we all may try, not everyone has a green thumb. Golden Acre understands that, and while we will teach you and encourage you, we also understand you many want plants while you are learning. For this reason, we carry a large variety of artificial, yet incredibly realistic, plants. Maybe you have a green thumb but are just too busy to tend for plants. Maybe your lighting isn’t optimal. Maybe your fur buddy likes to “play” with your live plants. Whatever the reason, no judgement here, you are sure to find the perfect addition right here at Golden Acre.

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Bath and Body Care

After a long day gardening, a bit of self-care is just what the doctor ordered. Not only does it feel and smell good, but it may also be essential. Working with soil can severely dry out your skin. Being in the hot sun can leave you feeling the need for some exfoliation. We spend a lot of time caring for our gardens, nothing wrong with caring for ourselves.

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Fashion and Jewellery

Just because you garden, doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. After all, we want our garden to look its best why can’t we extend that privilege to ourselves. Maybe you garden in your old clothes but after a hot shower, when it’s time to relax on your patio and enjoy, no one says you can’t relax in style. Golden Acre carries a full and unique lineup of high-end fashion and jewellery for that exact reason.


Gourmet Foods

Gardening sure does build up an appetite, and nothing beats entertaining. Combine them both with our wonderful selection of gourmet foods. Whether you are having breakfast or hosting a dinner party, we have a great lineup of unique and tasty gourmet foods to help make it a hit. Golden Acre believes in having fun and enjoying your outdoor life as much as possible. If gardens feed the soul, our gourmet foods feed the body.

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Home Décor

If a family makes a house a home, then the little, personal touches make a home a haven. Golden Acre believes our homes should be personal, warm, inviting and stylish. We offer a great selection of fun, unique and high-end home décor. From simple napkins to vases and glassware, and even dining sets, we have created something special. After all we are Golden Acre Home and Garden; why not spoil your home as much as your garden.

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