“Despite the gardener’s best intentions, nature will improvise” – Michael P. Garafalo

Calgary could be the reason for that quote. Floods, droughts, frosts in June, Snow in September, ideal conditions for bugs and diseases and do we need to even mention the hailstorms?

Yep, gardening can be hard here but that makes the success so much sweeter. Fortunately, Golden Acre carries everything you need to help combat the capricious moods of mother nature.

Weed simply means “unwanted plant”. Where some may see benefits in dandelions or clover others see an infestation. As with all things gardening, there is no right or wrong answer, or one size fits all. At Golden Acre we aim to educate people on which weeds to leave, which to remove, how and when to remove and more. We have everything you need to keep these plants exactly where you want them.

It can be a slug infestation in your perennial garden or tiny spider mites on your peppers either way it spells trouble. Dealing with pests to not further damage your plants or any other beneficial bugs or animals requires a bit of know-how. Our experts are here to help with that. From insecticidal soaps, diatomaceous earth, ladybugs, nematodes and more we have you covered.

There are several different fabrics for use in a garden, which one you need depends on the task at hand. Golden Acre carries a full line of landscape fabrics and pins for your garden. Weed prevention fabric, burlap, shade cloth, frost blankets. With pre-packaged and bulk options available not only will you get the right fabric you will get the correct size.

Some plants grow great all on their own, some need support, and some look better with an accent piece. Enter the world of supports and trellis. Golden acre carries supports and trellis that are both functional and aesthetic. We have tomato cages, trellis for beans, arbors and obelisks for your garden vines. We have support rings for peonies and single bamboo sticks for the smaller peony. Ornamental hooks for hanging baskets. You may need to support your garden and Golden Acre will support you.



Although are gardens are grown for beauty and/or food they definitely need some help along the way. Enter the world of hardware. From books teaching you know how to gloves to protect your hands Golden Acre carries everything you need for both form and function. Hardware forms the backbone of growing and you are sure to find the missing piece of the puzzle you need right here.