“Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.” – Sigmund Freud

Gardening might be a labour of love but there is truly no better feeling than sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labour. Not only does Golden Acre provide you with everything to make the labour a little easier we provide you with everything needed to enjoy it. Stylish, comfy and durable furniture, Shade giving umbrellas, Alberta largest selection of pottery, Beautiful stone and polyresin fountains and all the décor you could wish for. The only thing you’ll have to provide yourself is a cool glass of lemonade.

Relaxing and enjoying the garden is one of the reasons for gardening. Imagine: A warm summer evening, comfy furniture, cool drink in hand. Or a Sunday morning patio brunch with an umbrella for shade. Or late fall, sipping cider on a patio set with a crackling fire bowl. If any, or all of these, sound perfect it is because they all are. There is no wrong way or wrong time to enjoy your garden. Golden Acre has everything you need to love your garden in comfort.

Golden Acre carries Alberta largest selection of garden pottery. Ceramics, fibreglass, wood, plastic and stone are all available year-round. From massive terracotta to perfect 2-inch ceramic you can find the pot you need. We offer pots suitable for small spaces or balcony gardening and ones suitable for growing trees. We have pottery from Italy, The Netherlands, Vietnam, Germany and more. With a myriad array of styles, colours, and textures you will find the perfect growing companion for any plant you pair with them.

The gentle sound of running water in a garden is a magical thing. It has been proven to be a relaxing sound. It helps mute other background noises. It attracts pollinators and small songbirds. The aesthetic of the fountain itself adds beauty. There is no denying the addition of a fountain is worth it. Golden Acre carries every size fountain you can think of. Our fountains light up at night for extra ambiance. Made from stone composite or polyresin they are designed to last.

What would the Mona Lisa be without a frame? Décor adds the all-important element of finishing off your design and overall aesthetic. Golden Acre proudly offers unique and specialty décor items that are also fun and functional. From tableware and napkins, tabletop fireplaces, and backyard Edison lighting we carry everything you need to turn your yard into your very own sanctuary oasis. The best part, we carry seasonal décor so we have that special piece for any occasion.