Christmas Tree Pre-sale


Golden Acre is proud to offer Calgary Christmas trees available now for pre-sale.

We import Premium, A grade, Balsam Fir trees from Nova Scotia, these are the finest trees Calgary has to offer. From shape, to smell, to coloration these truly are a magnificent specimen of a tree. Once cut these trees are not preserved with any chemicals.

As we sell out of these trees every year we always hear more than a few tales of people who couldn’t make it to get their tree on time. For whatever reason they have missed their tree, and as we order these trees in February there is, unfortunately nothing we can do to help. This year we are changing that. Get peace of mind for the upcoming season by ordering your tree now and selecting your delivery/pickup date too. And of course feel free to come and visit us in person when our trees arrive in November.

*Please note not all sizes of Christmas Trees are available for pre-sale. Please note that our greens (boughs, wreathes, garland) are arriving at the beginning of November and not available for pre-sale. 

Tree tips

Here are some tips on keeping your Premium Balsam Fir Christmas Tree healthy during the season.
Select the tree, online or in store that is the right size for your location.
Cut a minimum of 1 inch off the bottom no more than 1 hour before putting the tree up. Our Treelot staff are happy to give your tree a fresh cut for you.
When putting your tree in the stand make sure your tree is centered and straight (not leaning).
Fill up the tree stand to the very top with water. Golden Acre recommends using a tree preservative.
For the first few days after putting your tree up, your tree will be very thirsty, check the tree stand regularly for water levels and add water and preservative as needed.
Leave the tree for 24hrs before decorating so all of the branches and limbs settle.
Try to keep the tree away from heat sources (vents, fireplaces, direct sun) as these will accelerate drying out.
Decorate and enjoy your tree for the season.

How to purchase a pre-sale Christmas tree

1. Click the SHOP PRE-SALE NOW Button

2. Select your Tree Size

3. Choose your requested date for delivery/pick-up.

4. Add the Tree to your shopping cart.

5. Select either delivery (delivery is $39.95) or choose in-store pick (Free).

6. Go through the online checkout.

7. Sit back, relax and know that your tree is in good hands. Until you get your tree delivered or until you pick it up Golden Acre will maintain that your tree stays in the best possible health (chemical-free).

*If you have selected the delivery option your tree will be delivered on this date. If you selected in-store pickup your tree will be ready for pickup any time AFTER November 27, 2024. 

If you chose in-store pickup please bring your order confirmation and a piece of ID to customer service. Come in anytime AFTER November 27, 2024, and we will assist you with your tree.