I just placed my online order, how soon will I be contacted regarding delivery? 

Timber Ridge will contact you within 24-48 hours to arrange your delivery.

Do you deliver outside of Calgary?

If you live outside of Calgary city limits please contact Timber Ridge directly to purchase your firewood.

How is the firewood delivered? 

Firewood is delivered in a loose pile upon delivery.

Is stacking included in delivery? 

Stacking Services is an optional service you pay extra for when placing your order. If you choose to pay extra for this service Timber Ridge will neatly stack your firewood for you in your desired location upon delivery.

I don’t want delivery. Do you have any firewood available for in-store pickup? 

We have bagged (1.5 cubic ft bags) cedar and birch available both in-store and online for in-store pickup. We also have bulk pine available for in-store and online purchase. 


Firewood Sizing and Pieces FAQ

How big is the wood? What length is it cut to?

Timber Ridge uses a wood processor, therefore the majority of firewood pieces are cut to 16″ in length, with varying width sizes.

What is a cord of firewood?

A standard cord measures out as 4ft by 4ft by 8ft for 128 cubic feet of firewood.

General FAQ

What is the best wood for kindling? 

Generally, the best wood for kindling is Cedar as it is very straight-grained and easy to split into smaller pieces. It ignites right away and has a sweet scent when it first lights, adding to the atmosphere of the fire. You can start a fire with any smaller pieces of dry firewood and dry wood bark. Birch and Douglas Fir bark act as a fantastic fire starter.

What does kiln-dried mean? 

A kiln is a large warehouse-size oven that quickly dries wood to a specified moisture amount. On top of drying, the wood kilns also helps kill bacteria such as fungus, mold and parasites that may be residing in the wood. This provides you with a much cleaner, and enjoyable experience while burning the firewood.

What does naturally seasoned mean? 

Naturally seasoned means the wood is left out in the sun to dry out over time. It is not put through an artificial drying process making it rely on time, wind and sunshine.

What is the difference between softwood and hardwood? 

Generally, the defining factor between softwood and hardwood is its density. Softwoods pop more due to higher amount of air pockets and moisture levels inside the wood. On the other hand, hardwood fibers are more densely packed and leave little to no air pockets, stopping popping from occurring.

What is the best wood for spatial heating? 

Birch is the best wood for spatial heating, due to its high BTU. Birch firewood allows for the heating of large spaces with the least amount of wood being burned. It is a cost effective wood that leaves less creosote (ash) residue left over. Making clean up and emptying your fireplace much easier.