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The term annual is synonymous with flower, in truth it is a term for any plant that has a lifespan of one (1) season; it can grow from a seed to producing a seed in one growing season or cycle.

Annuals are, however, much more than a boring definition. They are massive sunflowers, tasty tomatoes, delicate bacopas, robust peppers, fresh mint and so much more. Annuals come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They can be grown in the sun or shade. There are drought-tolerant ones and ones that love moisture. Some annuals have outstanding foliage, coleus, and others with bright, prolific blooms, geraniums.

Golden Acre is the Calgary destination for annuals. Our largest department is annuals, and with our massive inventory, we’re bound to have what you need to chase the winter blues away.

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When we mention annuals like this we are talking about the blooms. The colours that people flock to. Ones that inspire and make us want to get our hands dirty. Sunflowers and pansies and coleus and cosmos and so many more. These are the plants we see thriving in full sun, bringing colour to shade. Planted in small patches to accent a perennial bed, or a huge swath for instant colour, or strategically placed companion planting in the veggie garden there are no wrong answers here. Golden Acre carries a plethora of these and with our expert and enthusiastic staff you’ll leave with a basket of colour and a mind full of ideas.



The hanging basket is a phenomenal way to add colour, dimension and height to a patio, deck or garden. A fantastic way to encourage pollinators to your yard these colourful arrangements are a fan favourite. Golden Acre carries a massive and diverse array of these baskets. Some small, some large. All full of colour and life and vibrant hues. Also see watering and hardware to find the correct ways to secure these and ensure they get watered.

Pro-tip – Due to the height baskets are displayed at they tend to dry out quicker. To keep your hanging basket looking amazing longer it may need to be watered twice a day.



Although not everyone may realize the tomato is an annual it is. And it is, by far, the number one selling annual. The tomato is instantly recognizable by everyone and everyone has a favourite. Maybe you like a beefsteak on your burger, a cherry in your garden salad, San Marzano for your favourite Italian sauce. Golden Acre carries a massive variety of these annuals for all your needs but beware, they move fast.



Everybody has a favourite herb and everyone thinks their herb is the best and everyone is correct. From the forever favourite lavender to the delicious basil there are no wrong answers. These plants, mostly famed for their leaf, grow exceptionally well in a flowerpot, a window box, or your garden beds. Used for cooking, teas, aromatherapy, sleep aids and more Golden Acre ensures we have your herb.

Pro-tip – Do not plant mint directly in a flower bed as it can become extremely invasive.



There is no getting around the fact that over the last few years we have seen prices skyrocket at grocery stores. Add in the fact we never really know how our produce is handled and is it any wonder there has been a massive shift into growing your own. Golden Acre makes it easy with the largest selection of veggies for you to choose from in Alberta. Carrots, broccoli, onions and so many more are waiting for you to take them home. Our expert staff members are happy to offer tips on soil, fertilizer and harvest.

Fun fact – I have never seen a kid refuse to eat a vegetable they grew themselves.



Not everyone has an eye for planting and that’s ok because Golden Acre has you covered. We have a team of expert designers and planters who plant some of the most incredible flowerpots and planters you will find in Calgary. Planted in durable plastic, terracotta, wood, ceramic and even fiberglass we have the aesthetic you are looking for. With a variety of colours, types and sizes you’ll definitely find something. A bonus is that these planters also make an incredible gift. Double bonus, it’s perfectly ok to get yourself a gift.



The diversity of annual grasses guarantees them a spot in any planter, window box, flower bed. They can look stunning alone or offer a major focal point planted in the center. However, you use these beauties there is no wrong answer. Perfectly suited for the Albertan climate they are hardy enough to tolerate late spring or early autumn frost. Oftentimes these standards of the plant world look better in the fall changing colours and having a wonderful ornamental seed pod. Knowing how important these are Golden Acre has an area purely dedicated to these magnificent gems.


Water Plants

A very overlooked selection of the plant world is that of water plants. These fun and often lesser-known beauties are normally the easiest to care for. From the simple and gentle water hyacinth to the magnificent and boisterous Canna Lilt African Sunset. Perfect for ponds, larger fountains or even a uniquely designed water planter they are sure to get attention.

Golden Acre carries a wide selection of these beauties all through the annual season. With expert staff offering fun tips you can explore a brand-new world of flowers you may yet have not encountered.