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The vast majority of houseplants we grow in our homes and offices are indeed from more tropical locations. Indeed the African violet is native to Tanzania. The monstera is native to Central America. The diverse and gorgeous pothos hails from Australia, Indonesia and Japan.

Golden Acre carries the largest variety of houseplants in all of Alberta. From hanging baskets to massive palms and tiny succulents, you will definitely find the
plant you are looking for.


Air Plant

Tillandsia, more commonly known as air plants, are epiphytic plants. So, instead of growing in the soil, air plants grow on other plants, usually, trees across the Sothern States, Central and South America. In your home, air plants look great on shelves or in hanging terrariums (my personal favourite). If you treat your air plants well, they may even treat you to a flower, or a baby plant.

Fun fact – Air plants are part of the Bromeliad family and related to pineapples.



Bonsai, though often thought of as a specific species of plant, is a term that means “planted in a container.” It is a combination of techniques to intentionally produce a miniature plant. The goal of which being that a, relatively young, miniature tree replicates a giant old tree found in nature. If taken at the right time, most tree cuttings can be potted and trained with bonsai. Don’t want to start from a cutting? No worries. At Golden Acre we carry juniper and ficus retusa bonsai trees that have been planted and shaped.

While it is clear bonsai is equal parts gardening and sculptural art, there is no need to be intimidated, our team of tropical houseplant experts are ready to help.

Fun fact – The world’s smallest bonsais range in size from 1-3 inches tall and are classified as keshitsubo or “poppy-seed” class size.


Calathea, Ctenanthe, Maranta and Stromanthe

In terms of a genus of indoor tropical houseplants, you’d be hard-pressed to find another family with as broad of a selection of foliage patterns as the marantaceae family. Often referred to as prayer-plants, the foliage of these plants drastically moves throughout the day. The most recognizable species are calathea, ctenanthe, maranta and stromanthe.

Noted for their variety of leaf shapes and unique patterns, marantaceae plants are truly a sight to behold; no wonder they are a favourite among indoor gardeners.

Fun fact – The marantaceae family is comprised of over 500 species.



If you follow any plant-focused accounts on Instagram you have likely seen #MonsteraMonday trending weekly, and for good reason. This family, often referred to as swiss cheese plants, has a “hole” lot to offer. From the broad-leafed monstera deliciosa and borsigiana to the hanging vining monstera adansonii, what’s not to love?

At Golden Acre, we carry a large selection of tropical houseplants, including monsteras—both big and small.

Fun fact – Though often confused as a philodendron, monsteras are in the arum family and most closely related to the peace lily.



Looking for a fast-growing houseplant? One that can vine, climb, grow large or bushy? Look no further than the philodendron. Heartleaf or Brazil philodendron are great viners and climbers, whereas selloum and xanadu are large showstoppers. Or perhaps you’re looking for a low-growing bushy plant with lots of colour, the birkin, prince of orange or moonlight philodendrons could be exactly what you’re looking for.

No matter the philodendron (or plant you desire), Golden Acre is here and happy to help.

Fun fact – Philodendron maximum is the largest plant in the species; in the wild, leaves have been measured at up to 3.3 feet wide.



Have you run out of room for floor plants? Well, it is time to look up. At Golden Acre, we have a broad selection of plants well suited to hang on your walls or from the ceiling. Some standout hanging plants include Boston and staghorn ferns, burros tail, fishbone cactus, lipstick and goldfish plants. But don’t forget all the “strings,” string of hearts, nickles, pearls and turtles to name a few.

Whatever you’re after, we have the tropical plants and accessories (macrame hangers and hanging pots) to match.

Fun fact – The Boston fern (also called the sword fern) can grow as large as 7 feet tall in the wild.


Large Plants Indoor Trees

Small plants are wonderful, but sometimes you need something larger. Depending on the plant you choose, indoor trees can suit tall narrow locations, fill out an empty corner, or add much-needed height to balance your tall ceilings. Or maybe you just want the jungle look in your home.

Some of our favourites are birds of paradise, braided money tree and dracaena (dragon tree and corn plant). Or maybe ficus is more your style, like rubber tree, weeping fig and fiddle leaf fig. Don’t forget about palms, umbrella tree (schefflera), or yucca. No matter the large houseplant you desire we can help.

Fun fact – The name dracaena originates from an Ancient Greek word, drakaina, which means female dragon.


Low Light

Choosing the best houseplant for your home requires an understanding of your environment, specifically light. Many plants do well in high or medium-light, but that low lit corner of your home needs something else. Some of the best low light-tolerant plants include ferns, marantaceae (i.e., calathea and maranta), peace lily, pothos, sansevieria/snake plants, spider plants, and ZZ plants.

Have low light but have your heart set on something else? Don’t worry. Golden Acre carries a broad selection of tools and accessories including light meters and grow lights to brighten your place up.

Fun fact – Sansevieria and ZZ plants are generally low maintenance as they can store water for long periods of time.


Vining and Climbing

The best and fastest way to add that jungle look to your home is with vining and climbing plants. Many of these plants are fast growers and can easily be trained to follow certain paths or shaped trellises.

At Golden Acre, we carry a broad selection of tropical plants, some of our favourite vining and climbing plants include tradescantia (also known as the inch plant), raphidaphora tetrasperma, English ivy, and syngonium (arrowhead plant).

Or perhaps you prefer a plant with thicker “waxier” leaves; you’ll love peperomia hope and any hoya—hindu rope, carnosa, kerrii, australis or pubicalyx to name a few. But of all vining and climbing plants, two often reign supreme—I’m looking at you pothos and heartleaf philodendron.