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If you are looking for fragrant blooms, apples, cherries, pears, privacy, and more, you cannot go wrong with
trees and shrubs.

These sturdy, hardy and reliable plants perform every year and with selections from ground covering junipers to delicious fruits or fast-growing privacy screens, you are sure to find the right selection for your yard. We offer planting services, expert advice, and all the accoutrements you might need to plant your tree; including soils, composts, fertilizers, shovels, pruners and everything
you need for watering.

Regardless of what you choose, trees and shrubs are a long-term investment with many benefits: bringing joy, providing shade and shelter, attracting songbirds, growing food and adding beauty.

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The evergreen, or conifer, is one of the most recognizable plants in the landscape. These tall, full trees and shrubs add incredible accents year-round. Holding their shape and their colour throughout the winter they are an excellent windbreak and privacy screen. With a good selection of types, size and shape, from ground covers to towering giants, you are sure to find something for your garden.

Pro-tip – Evergreens are essential for non-migratory native birds.

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Evergreen – Cedar

With its deep green foliage, soft and gentle needles, and instantly recognizable scent, the cedar is a firm favourite of the landscaped garden. A wonderful home for all birds, especially the Waxwing, this tree is sure to delight in any landscape garden.

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Evergreen – Juniper

Prickly, fragrant, and a firm favourite; the juniper, including the Calgary carpet juniper, is definitely a figurehead in the garden. This dense, exceedingly hardy tree with ground cover, fits perfectly in any garden. Junipers are great for tight spaces too as they tend to grow in a very candlelike formation.

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Evergreen – Pine

Pine trees have long been a favourite across much of the world. Famed for the wood in carpentry the pine wood is also a great source for firewood and has many other uses. The fragrance and gentle needles make it a favourite in the garden. Pine nuts are also an essential food source for birds and small critters.

Fun-fact – The oldest tree in the world is a Bristlecone Pine,
aged 5,070 years.


Evergreen – Spruce

If you are looking for a solid, hardy, slow-growing tree look no further than the spruce. These incredibly dense and full trees make excellent privacy screens, wind blocks and natural habitat for native critters. There is a great selection of these beauties too. From grafts to small shrubs to monstrous beauties it’s easy to find what you need.

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Evergreen – Specialty

There are always those plants that don’t fit in other categories, here we have firs, yews, larch (technically not an evergreen, it is a deciduous conifer) and cypress. These trees add a little something unique and fun to the yard. Not seen everywhere they are a fun accent addition and still offer all the other benefits of evergreens.

Fun fact – If you have driven through the Rockies in autumn, the bright yellow is the changing needles of the larch.

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The rose must be one of the best known, most loved and most misunderstood plant in the garden. From William Shakespeare to the 80s glam band Poison, people have referenced the rose. A symbol of love, known for being prickly and regarded as a mainstay in the garden it also appears intimidating. The rose bush (or shrub) doesn’t deserve this reputation. With some basic pruning know how, some fertilizer and a bit of TLC, these magnificent blooms will accent your garden season after season.

Golden Acre carries all kinds of rose bushes from explorers and hardy varieties to fragrant choices and prolific blooms.
Make sure to ask our experts for any advice you need.

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Simply put a shrub is a multi-stemmed, woody plant. Smaller than a tree and with stems arising from, or near the ground. Shrubs are an essential part of the landscape. Offering foods, blooms, aesthetics, height, privacy, and hedgerows and hedges.

Golden Acre stocks a full variety of shrubs perfect for the Alberta landscape. Raspberries, spirea, cotoneaster, blueberries, lilacs, hydrangea and many more. You will find exactly what you need all season long.


Edible Fruit and Berries

One of the best and most fun things to grow are things to eat. Especially rewarding with children. Fresh raspberries, blueberries, currants, blackberries and gooseberries are beyond incredible. But did you also know you can grow grapes and kiwis too? Have fun planting these delicious plants in your garden, loved by pollinators too these truly are a win/win and Golden Acre has you covered. With a great selection all season, come in and get what you need, or try something new, you won’t regret it.

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Fall Interest

Although we could be forgiven for thinking of gardens in only spring and summer, gardens are truly year-round delights. Autumn is one of the most loved seasons; the transition of leaves and colours makes fall unique. Well, your garden can easily fit in. Cotoneaster, viburnum, burning bush, sumac and more come into their own in fall. And they’re not too shabby in the other three (3) seasons too.

Golden Acre has these beauties in stock all season. Get them in the ground early so by fall, all you need is a mug of cider, cozy blankets and warm socks to enjoy your garden.

Flowering Shrubs

What is a garden without prolific and fragrant blooms? This is where shrubs really shine. Most flowering shrubs bloom relatively easily without much effort. Some need a bit more effort, but it is always worth it. Attracting songbirds, pollinators and boosting the aesthetic of the garden these blooms are sure to be the talk of the garden. Golden Acre carries everything from native potentillas, to low ground cover spirea to the massive PG Hydrangea and with everything in between you are guaranteed to find something that meets your needs—or find a new favourite.

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Lilacs are instantly recognizable as a symbol of spring. Renowned for their fragrance, striking in their colour and loved for their diversity; there are few plants that cover all the bases as well as the lilac. An essential and fruitful food source for pollinators the sturdy thick branches are perfect for smaller songbirds too. Golden Acre carries a wide range of lilacs, including dwarf species for those without much room.

Fun fact – YYC hosts the Lilac Festival every year. It is the first festival in spring and kicks off festival season. Named because all the lilacs are blooming at that time.

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Potentilla and Spirea

From the east coast to the west there are variations of potentilla and spirea that are native to this very land. Add in some of the hybrids and cultivars and you have prized shrubs that are hardy, dependable and full of blooms. As some of these are native, they are prized for their importance to the indigenous pollinators. Golden Acre carries these dependable beauties all season for all your gardening needs.

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We just covered a lot of bases but what about the rest? The dogwoods, the ninebark, the barberry and more? Never fear they are all hear. While not as outstanding in some areas as some of their compatriots, shrubs are a valuable addition. With a variety of heights, textures, foliage colours and more they are amazing accents and solid accent pieces.

Pro-tip – Do you have a tricky area where things aren’t doing great? Try a dogwood.

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Trees are the largest and longest-living species to ever grace our planet. They provide materials for shelter, fuel, and food. They stabilize the environment, both the air and the earth. They provide oxygen and help with climate. No doubt that trees are one of the most important species on the planet today. They are also a bastion of the garden. Providing relief from the sun, shelter from the wind, privacy from neighbours, providing food and refuge for birds, giving flowers and foliage. The tree truly is that important.

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Columnar Trees

Just because you have a smaller lot or a narrow space on a large lot there is no reason to not have a tree. Columnar trees are a fantastic way to get all the benefits of trees in smaller areas. From spruce to mountain ash to crab apple there are several varieties.

Of course, Golden Acre stocks the ever and always popular Swedish columnar aspen and the towering poplar. Come in and see which one suits your specific needs.beautiful they’re also functional.

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Edible Fruit Trees

Is there a more famous fruit tree than the apple tree? Probably not, but there are plenty that are just as tasty. 
At Golden Acre, we realize the passion people have to grow their own food, which is why we have one of the largest selections of fruit trees in Calgary. Offering apples, pears, cherries, and more, Golden Acre is the perfect place to come to start your own backyard orchard.
Pro-tip – Check out the combination apple. Three (3) different apples: one (1) tree.
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Trees Under 30 Feet

Although trees are renowned for their size not all of them are monsters. There are plenty of trees that Golden Acre carries that fit perfectly into the backyard. A personal favourite of many staff is the hawthorn; these pink (toba) or white (snowbird) blossoming trees are a wonderful canopy tree in any yard. Visit our tree lot and find the biggest selection of trees in Calgary, you’ll be sure to find the one you need.

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Trees Over 30 Feet

Bigger spaces require bigger plants and they don’t come much bigger than the tree. With a season-long selection of trees that will grow over 30-feet Golden Acre is your tree lot destination for these magnificent plants. The majestic elm, the classic oak, and the hardy ash are all go-to favourites in this category. These trees are truly an investment for the future.
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