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I was a little nervous about buying a frame like this for my boyfriend’s autographed Jason Witten jersey, because most of the do-it-yourself jersey frames I have seen look kind of sloppy. But I figured the $73 in comparison to $500ish we were looking at to have it professionally framed was worth a shot. I am so glad I bought this frame! It really looks great. The jersey fits in the frame very nicely, and you cannot see the hanger at all! It turned out so much nicer than I expected. I would definitely recommend this frame.
My only recommendation would be that they offer the hinges on the side of the frame in silver as well as gold, but I don’t think we will notice the hinges much once its hung on the wall.
  Alice Graham

I got this frame as part of a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas. I put a signed Patriots jersey in it and it looked great. The frame arrived really quickly, was in great condition, and was easy to use. He loves it. Thanks for a great product.
  Barrera Jany

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