“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.” – Janet Kilburn Phillips

Gardening is a wise investment of time and energy, and like any investment it’s good to see healthy growth and gains. How successful you are will depends a lot on your foundations. Do you have the right soils and composts? Are you using the right fertilizers? Do you have the right tools for the job? To mulch or not to mulch? Are your plants getting the right water? Fortunately, Golden Acre can answer all those questions, and carries everything you need to fill in the blanks to ensure a productive gardening season.



The earth truly is the foundation of successful growing. From pots to hanging baskets to a vegetable plot without the correct soil it is going to be hard. Fortunately, Golden Acre carries a full range of growing mediums, soils and composts year-round. Including volcanic rock dust, worm castings, Sea Soil compost, perlite, peat moss, coir, bio char and much more for all your gardening needs.

It must be said that fertilizers are one of the most important, yet misunderstood, pieces of the garden puzzle. Fortunately, our experts at Golden Acre are here to help. From tomatoes to roses, lawns to shrubs every plant can benefit from the correct fertilizer. We have organic, time release, water soluble, Canadian made fertilizers, all ready to help you grow the best you can.

As the saying goes “The right tool for the right job”. This applies to gardening in a myriad of ways. Ever tried planting a 15-gallon spruce tree with a garden trowel? Fortunately, Golden Acre has a full compliment of gardening tools. Leaf and earth rakes, hoes and cultivators, spades, shovels, forks and more. We have hand tools and telescopic tools. Golden Acre certainly has the right tool for the right job, regardless of how big or small your job is.

Whether they are used for form, function or both, mulches and decorative stone can help your garden. Aesthetically they can add pleasing fragrance or enjoyable colours. Functionally they assist with moisture retention, weed control, plant stress and support. They are a valuable asset to any landscaping project and can assist seed growth to soil erosion. Golden acre carries a great variety of both products and our experts can help you find the one you need.

Water is one of two (the other being light) that is essential for a garden. All plants need water. Even our native perennial cactus need water, and nothing requires water like a new planting or freshly installed sod. From violets in window boxes to a massive lawn they require water. Some may need a watering can, some a hose nozzle and others a sprinkler. Golden Acre carries all your watering supplies (for indoor plants too) throughout the year. We even have spot sprinklers, ideal for small gardens or for the kids on a hot day.

Some jobs are bigger than others. Maybe you’re establishing landscaping for your new build home, or refreshing the landscaping for your older home, or you’re adding a completely new feature to your garden. Whatever the scale of your project, at Golden Acre we can help. We carry excellent Manderley water-conserving sod and a broad selection of bulk goods. From soil and mulch, to rocks and firewood, we’ve got you covered.