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Please Read Carefully. These are unique products.

Ordering and Pickup

The ordering and pickup of Live Predator Bugs is extremely time sensitive due to their highly perishable nature.
The deadline for ordering is Tuesday at midnight.
Your bugs will arrive the following Tuesday. You will get a phone call.

Once the order is placed unfortunately it cannot be undone. Please ensure you can receive these bugs. They ship immediately from California thus cancelling the order is impossible.  

You must pick them up and apply them in accordance with their instructions within 24 hours of their arrival date. No exceptions.
There will be no refunds, cancellations or returns for Live Predator Bugs that have perished due to you not picking them up.
As of right now there is no delivery option for these products.

Please be advised that due to the live nature of these products they are not warrantied.
All steps listed must be followed to ensure these living organisms will work to their full capability.
Golden Acre will ensure these items arrive to you in perfect condition and ready to be applied.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.

Any questions please contact Subject: Bioline

Product Use Disclaimer
Due to these being live insects Golden Acre does not recommend the use of conventional bug control methods.
Sticky sticks, pesticides sprays, insecticidal soap etc may affect the health or cause death of the predator bugs.
Only other compatible predator bugs should be used during the course of this treatment.

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