APHIDS – (Aphidoidea spp.)

Aphids are one of the most infamous pests out there. Relatively well known they can infest everything from roses to tomatoes to trees. Herbivorous in nature they suck the juices out of leaves, stems and even roots. These essential juices can no longer reach their destination often resulting in malformed leaves, fruits, and stems. As the juices often contain more sugars than proteins these nuisance bugs often excrete a vast amount of the sugar. This in turn attracts wasps and ants. So not only do aphids cause health issues to the plants they also bring along uninvited and unwanted guests to the garden.

Aphids can be tenacious to get rid of. Chemical sprays will work and work well but only if you spray the bug. Unfortunately, they tend to blend in and hide in nodes are on the underside of leaves. In less than a month one aphid can produce 80 more aphids and so on. So, from one aphid, in under 2 months, you can have 6,400 aphids..

Fortunately, there are a number of bugs out there that like nothing more than to feast on these pests. From the ladybug (Adaline), predatory midges (Aphidoline), to wasps (Erviline), and more. Golden Acre is proud to carry 5 of these predators. From preventative to curative treatments these tiny warriors will soon have the aphids running for the hills. Safe to use inside, harmless to people, wildlife, pets, or plants. The wide variety ensures whether you have a big problem, a small problem, a problem about to start regardless of where the crop is or time of year, we can help you deal with it.

These non-invasive species are 100% natural. Incredibly efficient. Safe to use on any crop including cannabis. Are completely safe for adults, children, pets, and wildlife. Play well with other predator bugs, so if you also have an issue with another type of pest that can also be dealt with. Read on below to find the right predator for your crops needs.