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From growing herbs to tomatoes to a mixed planter full of annuals, pots have a special place in our yards. They’re perfect for areas where there is limited space, or no soil or flower beds, and many are custom-built for decks, balconies, stoops and more. Pottery also has a special place in our homes as decorative accents for our houseplants. 

Golden Acre has a full range of pottery for all your needs. Lightweight but durable and beautiful plastic and fiberglass, heavy-duty long-lasting ceramics, rustic wood, stone, terracotta and many more. Find exactly what you are looking for year-round in Calgary’s largest pottery department.



From large pots to small 2-inch cover pots, Golden Acre proudly carries the largest selection of ceramic pottery in Calgary. With a myriad of sizes, shapes and colours, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Our tall strawberry pots are ideal for a small space herb garden and our new line of Pottery Pots are an award-winning Dutch design. From function to form, aesthetic to diversity, you do not need to settle, we will help you find the perfect pot for your personal needs.

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Decor pots are by far the hippest, contemporary and trendy pots we carry. They offer diversity, fun styles and function. While as hip as they are, they’re also well crafted, long-lasting and durable, and ideal for houseplants and wonderful as a gift. Golden Acre stocks this ever-changing line-up year-round.

Pro-tip – Giving a gift to yourself, for any reason, is perfectly acceptable.

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Lightweight, contemporary design, durable and available in several sizes, fibreglass pottery is perfect for the garden. Golden Acre carries an incredible line-up of these versatile pots. They really shine when utilized in small spaces or places where there is a weight limitation. Big enough for a full flower arrangement or a vegetable garden or small enough for a table topper, you will find the fibreglass pot style and fit your home needs year-round.



Plastic plant pots are one of the most popular pots that Golden Acre stocks. These versatile pots come in a wide range of styles and colours, including ones to sit on balcony railings; these allow you to utilize the maximum amount of space. These lightweight but heavy duty. pots are available in a myriad of colours.

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While a lot of time we focus on beauty and style. there are times when we need function: enter the humble saucer. These necessary accessories are ideal for keeping your areas clean. Golden Acre offers a variety of saucers for all your outdoor and indoor houseplant needs. Available in clear, black or terracotta, whichever saucer you choose will help you keep your furniture clean and protected.

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Terracotta pots are timeless classic, and have been a gardening staple since the invention of gardening and terracotta. With a seamless blend of retro style and contemporary design, there is a reason these pots are so popular. Golden Acre carries high-end Italian terracotta. From window boxes to pots to saucers we have your terracotta needs met. Available in a range of colour and size, these are ideal for your indoor and outdoor needs.

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Wood is a medium that simply never goes out of style. Wood planters add a rustic touch to any landscape or outdoor area. From cedar to half barrels, these planters look great on decks, patios and balconies, and strategically placed in a garden bed. Golden Acre has locally-made cedar planters which are perfect for flowers, herbs and veggies. Pots with this timeless and natural look are available now.

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