Just because you’ve only got houseplants doesn’t mean you don’t have the gardening spirit—I look upon myself as an indoor gardener. – Sara Moss-Wolfe

We all know that Canadian winters can be rather bleak, enter Golden Acre, Calgary’s largest and best-stocked houseplant store. From the timeless African Violet to the magnificent Philodendron and the beautiful Fig Trees these plants will find somewhere in your home to call their home. Golden Acre carries large and small, light lovers and shade dwellers, hardy types and delicate beauties. Golden Acre also carries all the fertilizers, pots, soils, and treatments you will need to make your indoor garden a year-round success.



Most houseplants can be classified as tropical or sub-tropical plants. This means the selection is incredible. From Palm and Ficus trees to small 3” Pothos you can find something to fit your space. These beauties add green throughout the year and some varieties can even help purify the air. Golden Acre also stocks growing lights so even those dark offices and basements can have a breath of wonderful greenery in them.

Some of the most popular houseplants are succulents and cacti. From the various sizes and varieties, they come in, to their general hardiness they are a great fit and a great gift idea. Golden Acre has these versatile and popular plants year-round for good reason. A soothing aloe for when you accidentally garden too long in the summer. The stunning Christmas Cactus for an outstanding present. Great beginner plants and loads of fun you won’t be disappointed at our selection.



One of the most misunderstood categories these beauties are worth checking out. The Peace Lily and Easter Lily are always favourites. But the Cyclamen and Kalanchoe are always a crowd-pleaser too. You just can’t go wrong with these flowering beauties. Golden Acre has a year-round selection of blooming houseplants and our department experts are always happy to help with advice. If you need help selecting one or just need help with one you have our staff are keen to get you successful and keep these beauties healthy and strong season after season.