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No doubt about it gardening can present some challenges. Despite our best efforts, mother nature has ways to try and thwart us. And we’re not just talking weather. Fungi, disease, pests, and other undesirable plants are a few of the biggies. These troublesome external factors can often only be handled by using a specific treatment.

Golden Acre happily carries the largest selection of control products in Calgary. From ladybugs to broad-spectrum fungicides and eco-friendly herbicides we have you, and your unwanted guests, covered.



While rabbits and deer and vole might be adorable, you’d be forgiven for having second thoughts when they’re eating your veggies, chomping your flowers, or destroying your lawn. We have a short growing period and we try to maximize it; we don’t need the neighbourhood squirrels undoing our hard work.

Fortunately, Golden Acre carries several tried and tested products to help keep the wild friends at a distance.

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There are as many problems as there are plants, and not every solution is one size fits all. You may have a localized houseplant with fungus gnats, a tomato crop covered in powdery mildew, or your entire lawn being attacked by voles. Each problem requires a different approach and as gardeners ourselves we understand that.

That’s why Golden Acre carries a full range of sprayers, from hose attachments to 1-litre hand pumps, backpack sprayers to 360-degree hand sprayers, we have the right sprayer for the right job.

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When people discuss fungus the most common image that comes to mind is that of a mushroom or a toadstool. When gardeners discuss fungi, they are talking about powdery mildew, rust, black spot and blights. These fungal infections can be the bane of a gardener’s summer. They spread fast, can be transmitted through the wind and can be extremely detrimental to the health of the plant; causing severely depleted production or death.

We have all fought with one (or more) of these at least once which is why Golden Acre has the best and most complete treatment lineup available. All season long we carry everything you need to combat these infections.

Pro-tip – If you notice a fungal issue jump on it immediately. Waiting will just make it get worse.

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Taking care of problems while being responsible for the environment is a win-win. We know it isn’t always possible but when it is Golden Acre is loaded with green and eco-friendly choices. Carrying live ladybugs all season gives the local aphids and mites nightmares. Using nematodes has the ants running and the fungus gnats in your houseplants packing their bags.

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Insect – Interior 

Bugs, creepy crawlies, and insects in the garden are one thing; many are even considered beneficial, but they don’t have to move in. We know full well that dealing with these pests can be tricky, so at Golden Acre, we make sure to carry the correct products to ensure they get their marching orders and stay out of the home.

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Insect – Exterior 

We may not like them all but plenty of beneficial insects live in our garden. Even ones we don’t particularly enjoy do have a role to play. However, if they start to become too familiar, Golden Acre has a full range of ways to control them. Wasps may be predators for problem bugs, but you don’t need a nest of them. Mosquitos are an important pollinator, but their bite leaves a lot to be desired. Oyster scale just sucks. Get what you need right here to hold these guys in check and enjoy your garden all season long.

Fun fact – 80% of the world’s chocolate is a result of pollination by a type of mosquito.

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Insect – Houseplant

As someone who constantly gets asked about fungus gnats, and who has fought them themselves, I know about pests in my houseplants. Thrips, mealy bugs, mites, aphids and whitefly are among the most common. They can spread like wildfire and can be extremely unpleasant to have to live with.

Golden Acre has the solution to these problems. Sticky traps, nematodes, insecticidal soaps and more. Show these very unwanted guests the way out with the correct course of treatment available year-round.

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Insect – Garden 

It is incredible just how much damage the supposedly slow-moving slug can do in one evening; normally they bring friends too. Seeing your crops wiped out or damaged by these garden pests can be beyond frustrating.

The damage unwanted bugs can do to perennials, annuals, trees and lawns too is shocking. Entire trees taken down by borers, annuals ruined by sawfly, hosta’s devastated by snails; the list goes on and on. Fortunately, the list of products Golden Acre carries to help you combat these critters also goes on and on.

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