We work with professional landscaping staff who will help to transform your yard and garden into the space you have always wanted – from start to finish.


Want to know more about our landscaping and construction services but not sure where to start, or already have a project in mind?

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Otherwise, keep reading for a list of services provided.  




Outdoor Construction + Landscaping is our trusted service provider in the landscaping and construction industry. They provide the following services:

  • Softscapes
    • Planting (trees, shrubs and perennials)
    • Sod (installation, topdressing, overseeding, removal and replacement)
    • Perfect Turf installation (www.perfectturfcanada.com)
    • Decorative rock, mulch, boulders and geotextile
  • Specialty Services
    • Skidsteer/excavator
    • Micro-skid steer
    • Mini-excavator
    • Standard skid steer (Bobcat)
  • Outdoor Construction and Landscape Service Truck
  • Construction Services
    • Excavation, demolition, haul out and disposal
    • Removal/disposal
  • Wood Products
    • Fences (installs and repairs)
    • Decks (installs and repairs)
    • Railings (installs and repairs)
    • Pergola-arbor construction
    • Shed and garage construction
    • Wooden timber construction (retaining walls, planters and window wells)
  • Hardscapes
    • Paving stones
    • Masonry retaining walls
    • Concrete (flat work, broom finish, exposed and stamped)
    • Boulder walls
    • Drainage (window wells, flow wells, French drains and buried drainage)
  • Landscape Consultation
    • On-site
    • In-store
    • Basic design services
    • Detailed design services
  • DIY Support and Project Management
    • Logistics (materials handling)
    • Construction and installation advice
    • Product knowledge/information



Prestige Outdoor Services is our trusted service provider when it comes to a variety of outdoor services, including the following:

  • Irrigation (underground sprinklers)
    • Residential, commercial and acreage
    • Installation, service and repair
  • Fertilizer and Weed Control
    • Residential, commercial and acreage
    • On-demand applications
    • Annual packages available
  • Lawn Care
    • Residential, commercial and acreage
    • Spring and fall clean-ups
    • Lawn cutting
    • Aeration (spring and fall)
    • Tree well and bed edging
    • Bed weeding
  • Snow Removal
    • Residential, commercial and acreage
  • Christmas Lights
    • Residential, commercial and acreage
    • Custom cut
    • Commercial Grade LED lights
  • Landscape Lighting
    • Residential and acreage
    • Installation, service and repair
    • Commercial Grade LED lights