Houseplants help you showcase your personal style.

String of Pearls
String of Pearls – Just one of the many succulents we carry.

Our Tropical Department is unmatched when it comes to our collection of diverse houseplants, and the amazing feeling you get when walking around the greenhouse. From aisle to aisle, you’ll find yourself surrounded by incredible foliage and blooms. We won’t blame you if you fill up the storage space on your phone with photos of plants.

We offer a huge selection of tropical plants, such as succulents (echeveria, haworthia, aloe vera, jade plant, string of pearl, and more), cacti, air plants, orchids, spider plants, sanseveria, ficus, African violets, ferns, and bonsai, just to name a few.

We even offer pre-made terrariums, or supplies to create your own!

Although the prospect of caring for a tropical plant might seem daunting, our experts will ease your mind with advice and detailed instructions on how to keep your new plant friend thriving in any environment. We also offer free potting when you purchase a houseplant and pot together.

Products from this department are not yet available on our online store, but we welcome you to visit us in-store. Thanks for your patience and please check back soon!