GA kids TV, designed for kids, enjoyed by all.
We started this channel to try and help with educational, fun content during the pandemic. It turned into a whole lot more. Whether you’re looking for the how’s and why’s of gardening or an excuse to get your hands dirty Colin and Brandi provide it all.

Episode 1

GAKidsTV: Introduction

Episode 2

GAKidsTV: What is a Plant?

Episode 3

GAKidsTV: Roots!

Episode 4

GAKidsTV: What is a Plant?

Episode 5

GAKidsTV: Seeds!

Episode 6

GAKidsTV: Hawaiian Shirt Friyay Q + A

Episode 7

GAKidsTV: Propagating Houseplants

Episode 8

GAKidsTV: Seed Starting Part 1

Episode 9

GAKidsTV: Sneaky Ways to Germinate

Episode 10

GAKidsTV – Soil!

Episode 11

GAKidsTV – Hawaiian Shirt Friyay Q+A

Episode 12

GAKidsTV – Flowers!

Episode 13

GAKidsTV – Why do Plants Need Light & Water

Episode 14

GAKidsTV – How to Transplant Seedlings!

Episode 15

GAKidsTV – Repotting Houseplants

Episode 16

GAKidsTV – Friyay Q+A

Episode 17

GAKidsTV – Fertilizer

Episode 18

GAKidsTV – Tomatoes

Episode 19

GAKidsTV – Prepping Veggie Planters and Pots

Episode 20

GAKidsTV – How do Plants Wake Up in Spring

Episode 21

GAKidsTV – Planting Propagated Houseplants

Episode 22

GAKidsTV – Amending Soil

Episode 23

GAKidsTV – Houseplant Pests